CathyThere are few, if any jobs in which ability alone is sufficient.  Needed, also, are loyalty, sincerity, enthusiasm and team play. – William B. Given, Jr.

As one of Centennial’s leading data processors, Kathy Walerius is an invaluable contributor as we strive for excellence in our recruiting business.  Her servant-like attitude towards her role in the business showcases a wonderful combination of commitment and conscientious work ethic.  She exemplifies what William B. Given, Jr. says by being highly competent and effective in supporting Centennial’s Business Development Consultants, and inevitably our client relationships, through data management and sourcing.  Kathy’s positive approach to business sheds light on the rest of Given’s quote – loyalty, sincerity, enthusiasm and team play.

Kathy brings innovative ideas to the technology arena with a flawless approach to execution of continuous improvement.  Her expertise and attention to detail regarding Centennial’s database, makes her an integral part of our recruiting machine.  Her ability to balance her commitment to Centennial, along with her husband, four children and community involvement, is a true reflection of Centennial’s core values of customer service excellence, integrity and respect, fostering genuine relationships and striving for continuous improvement.