Are you a growth-minded leader looking to invest in a career coach? Are you in search of your ideal career? Do you want to get “unstuck” from your current situation? Are you ready to successfully navigate a career transition?

Our Career Coaching Approach

Career Coaching is a partnership. It’s hands-on, one on one, individualized attention. Our career coaching starts where you are, and moves you through the career improvement/transition process quickly and efficiently. Through coaching, you will be able to remove obstacles and change behaviors that have limited your career. You will gain greater confidence in your skills and abilities. New perspectives and opportunities may be clarified. Hiring a career coach is an investment in you. It will pay great dividends in the success of your immediate campaign and long-term career path.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your guidance and leadership throughout my career transition. I admit I was apprehensive when first introduced to the idea of using a career coach, but after our first session I knew that I had made the right decision…” Read more

What services are provided?

Centennial’s Career Coaching services provide face-to-face and/or virtual career coaching that uses a proven process to ensure that your next career move is the one you want to make. What’s included in a Career Coaching Engagement?

  • 3-Phase Campaign Strategy
  • Power Up Your Resume
  • Job Search Marketing 3.0
  • Professional Networking Revealed
  • Leveraging Executive Recruiters
  • Interviewing: Prepared and Confident
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Getting Started Right

3-Phase Campaign Strategy

There are three vital phases to every successful search campaign. Within each phase, specific action items are designed to move you closer and closer to your goal. By following a well developed and focused strategy, you will be able to find the best career opportunity in a shorter period of time. The campaign strategy that we develop together will include these phases:

  • Laying the Foundation of Campaign Preparation
  • Honing Your Message through Marketplace Communication
  • Closing the Deal: Interviewing & Negotiating.

Power Up Your Resume

Is your resume not generating the results that you had hoped for? You might have an accomplished background, but your story may be hindered by obstacles that you don’t see. A second set of eyes to review your resume is invaluable when you are ready to power it up. We will scrutinize your resume, uncover and correct errors, wordsmith and offer our unbiased comments for improvement. We’ll improve subtle elements that can speak loudly
and communicate the value you to bring to an organization. This will include
details such as formatting and identify weak phrases and replace them with powerful passages. Your well-developed resume will create a powerful “first” impression even before you meet your prospective employer.

Job Search Marketing 3.0

Whether you are a CEO, an engineer or a healthcare executive, you need to have a marketing plan for your job search. This session will bring you clarity about what you need to do, why you need to do it and when you need to take action. You and your coach will work together to develop your 2-minute elevator speech as well as an exit statement (that’s a statement about the reason for leaving your job that you can deliver confidently). This active session will help you assess your areas of competency, identify what you desire from your next position and develop a list of target companies to pursue.

Professional Networking Revealed

Developing and improving your skills in the art of networking will pay significant dividends. Becoming adept at building relationships positions you to be able to acquire and broadcast strategic information. These skills will help you to locate resources and individuals who can provide you specific information about your particular expertise or interests. That’s one of the key steps in uncovering opportunity.

Leveraging Executive Recruiters

Many candidates have allowed themselves to become frustrated with recruiters and headhunters. Search firms constantly handle assignments that have not been publicized or even known outside of the executive office. Instead of becoming aggravated, put the recruiter on your team. This session will teach you how to leverage the role of the headhunter to your advantage in your job search strategy.

Interviewing: Prepared and Confident

This highly customized session is driven by your specific situation and concerns. We will guide and coach you on the best presentation of your strengths, skills, competencies and solutions that you bring to the prospective employer’s needs. You will be prepared to show poise when you answer challenging questions and address your reasons for leaving your previous position. Simply stated, whether your interview is face to face or a phone screening, you will be prepared and confident.

Negotiation Skills

The topic of salary is important to you as well as your prospective employer. Bring it up too soon and you undermine your credibility. Bring salary up too late and you may find out that you have been wasting your time. Centennial’s coaches have guided hundreds of professionals through the negotiation process. You and your coach will develop a solid negotiating strategy, determine the best time to bring up salary issues and equip you to make sound decisions that you will feel positive about for years to come. What you learn in this session alone is worth your investment in coaching.

Getting Started Right

You’ve closed the deal and have a start date. Congratulations! Now, how do you get off to a great start with this new company, in a new position with new staff and a new culture? Though they don’t intend to, nearly 16% of executives will fail in their first 12 months on the job. Assimilating quickly and effectively, building trust and developing a plan to succeed are all part of the keys to a successful start included in this session.

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