Are you a leader who is seeking personal performance improvement to drive your career to the next level? Are you a business owner, key decision maker or human resource leader who wants to grow current leaders and groom future leaders of your company?

At Centennial, we understand that effective leaders must not only improve their skills, but also develop new skills to prepare them for the constant and changing demands placed on them. Organizational dynamics, technology and global competition fuel the continuous changes in the marketplace that today’s leaders must learn to thrive in.

Our Executive Coach provides the guidance and insights required to improve and maximize leadership talent that will bring a new level of productivity, satisfaction and fulfillment.

Why Leaders Hire Us

  • Increase your value to your by organization creating enhanced employment security
  • Improve your sense of job satisfaction and fulfillment
  • Create better financial opportunities
  • Assimilate well into a new role
  • Develop a trusted confidante to discuss issues or weaknesses with and improvement strategies

Why Organizations Hire Us

  • Groom today’s leaders for future promotions
  • Develop competencies required for success in new positions
  • Assimilation – Accelerate a new executive’s adaptation to his or her role and responsibilities
  • Protect your human resource investment in senior staff and emerging leaders
  • Create a more productive culture when the leadership is highly engaged

5 Step Executive Coaching Process

Centennial’s Executive Coaching process is driven by our experienced coach who wants to assist you and your organization in becoming the best version of yourself. Coaching services are available via face to face consultation or telephone.

Step 1 – Understanding

In this first step, the Coach and Client work together to understand the situation and create what the new “picture” should look like. Skilled at in depth listening, our coaches will help you answer these questions:

  • Why are we here?
  • How will we know when we’ve accomplished what we set out to do?

Step 2 – Assessment

Centennial Executive Coach has a variety of tools to choose from when assessing the Client’s situation. Options range from the DISC, Myers-Briggs, Hartmann, EQI (Emotional Quotient Index), 360 Degree feedback, Strong Interest Inventory, HR Chally and Strengths Finder. Analysis of these assessments helps the client understand the concept that “What got you here, won’t get you there” and will be the foundation to the next step.

Step 3 – Develop a Plan

Customized to the Client’s specific goals, a plan will be developed that will outline various methods and techniques to employ, identification of progress milestones, strengths to build upon and weaknesses to conquer.

Step 4 – Implementation

The Client will begin to implement new skills and improve business behaviors that focus on leadership, image and presence. Centennial’s experience with understanding the culture of an organization provides helpful insights to the Client so that they can effectively implement changes.

Step 5 – Check Progress

As a trusted confidante, our coach will provide honest, unbiased feedback in order to evaluate growth and determine the successful attainment of goals. Building on early successes creates momentum that carries on well after the Executive Coaching engagement has been completed. Once goals have been achieved, it’s time to celebrate!

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