With the constant changes in the marketplace, Outplacement Support Services are simply a fact of life in business today. At Centennial, outplacement is much more than a process. We are a relationship-based company in all of the services that we provide. Our outplacement services are available on an individual, face-to-face basis or via telephone. Because of our focus on relationships, we do not provide web-based outplacement support.

Why Companies Choose Centennial Outplacement Support Services

  • Our hands on process supports the employee as they deal with the emotional factors of being downsized
  • Brings stability and maintains a better company morale in a difficult situation
  • Preserves the company’s good name/brand in the community
  • Will help to expedite this challenging phase of business
  • Will satisfy the company leaders and human resource team that they are doing the best for their employees that is possible
  • Centennial is known as the “best networked” company in Greater Cincinnati. A practical advantage to your employees.
  • Effectively supporting your employee’s outplacement is the right thing to do

Help your laid off employees transition to a satisfying and fulfilling position by learning more about our Coaching Support process.

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