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Centennial can recruit top talent in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Our executive search team has worked to find candidates for long-term success in multiple industries since 1975.

Centennial Services

To find the best match for companies, Centennial gets to know companies by their culture, values, and future goals. By determining the benchmarks by which the company operates, Centennial is able to pinpoint which candidates best align with those principles. Our unique 4C Recruiting Process® is devised to find the best match between employer and employee.

4C Recruiting Process®

Centennial’s 4C Recruiting Process┬« is able to identify the best available candidates for your unique needs, which enables you to strategically build a highly effective leadership team. The 4Cs are:

  • Competency – Does the candidate have the credentials, skills, and experience needed to succeed in your organization?
  • Character – Does the candidate have the highest level of integrity to represent you and your organization?
  • Chemistry – Is there a true interpersonal connection between the candidate and your team members?
  • Culture – Is there a match in professional/personal style that will enable the candidate to be successful in the work environment of your company?

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