2010 has been a tremendous year for Centennial, Inc. Not only is business thriving with the upward trending of the economy, but we have been honored with two very prominent awards in the midst of our activity. We are deeply grateful for the recognition and confirmation of our efforts and relationships.

In August, Centennial was named a 2010 Tri-State Family Business of the Year (24-49 years in business) by the Goering Center for Family and Private Business. Nominees are judged by a committee on the ten best practices for successful family and private business, as established by the Goering Center.

Both Mike Sipple Senior and Junior have been actively involved with the Goering Center throughout the last several years. Both father and son graduated from the Next Generation Institute in 2007. Mike Jr. is also a graduate of the Leadership Development Institute and an active member of one of the founding Next Generation roundtables. Mike Sr. participates in the roundtable program and serves on the Goering Center’s Board of Advisors.

With October came the announcement that Centennial, Inc. was named a winner of the Better Business Bureau’s 2010 Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics. Read more here…

“It’s an honor to be among a class of organizations that truly have values and mission to make a positive ethical difference,” said Mike Sipple, Jr. “It’s a class of organizations who seek to do the right thing first and who can be trusted to represent true marketplace integrity with their clients, and in their relationships and community.”

“We always give our best, because we value our clients and we’re passionate about what we do,” added Mike Sipple, Sr. “It’s very exciting and humbling all at the same time to be honored by the business community with these awards. All of us at Centennial just look forward to giving back and paying it forward as we help other businesses grow, succeed and equip great leaders.”