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It’s All About An “Ecosystem”

At Centennial, we dedicate quite a bit of time developing and delivering leadership content to leaders like you.  We do this in three ways (in no particular order):  1.) Through our blog posts 2.) Through our Talent Magnet Institute TM   podcast and, 3.) By meeting with leaders in person or on the phone.

Why do we do this?

The reason is what distinguishes Centennial from others.  We care deeply about the individuals that comprise an organization.  “Helping leaders succeed in relationships, work, community and life” has been core to our mission since 1975.centennial

Our ultimate goal is admittedly lofty.  We want leaders to feel great about what they are doing. This makes them happier at home—strengthening families; happier at work—strengthening organizations and the economy; more likely to give back to their communities—strengthening our regions; and, more satisfied with life—which is what “it” is all about.

Internally, we see ourselves as purveyors of an “ecosystem.”  Sometimes we place the word “economic” or “organizational” in front of ecosystem.  Other times we insert the word “family” prior to ecosystem. Yet other times, the word “community” is the adjective enhancing the meaning of ecosystem.  No matter what descriptor we use, one thing is clear.  The balance of this ecosystem is what drives our organization, and it directly inspires the content we produce.

And, speaking of content, we were prolific in our production of it in 2018!  Our team authored more than 50 blog posts!  Each is helpful, but we wanted to make sure you didn’t miss these posts.

Top Blog Posts of 2018

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A Formula for Organizational and Team Chemistry

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Diversity and Inclusion — Where to Start

Finding Purpose Begins at the End:  The Tombstone Principle

You can also listen to Mike Sipple Jr.’s conversations with dozens of leaders by tuning into the Talent Magnet Institute’s podcast, available on iTunes, Spotify, and more.  Some conversations are inspirational. Others are informative.  All are designed to help you succeed in relationships, work, community, and life.

Here’s to you and your leadership… and to a great 2019!