We have helped organizations achieve their goals, objectives, and vision since 1975. That’s a lot of experience in many different industries and in many corners of the world.

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These decades of experience afford us the ability to understand the unique leadership needs of organizations of all sizes, ownership types, and cultures.

Although we’ve worked with a wide variety of organizations, one thing never changes: Our clients determine their critical needs and we respond by aligning talent and opportunity to deliver solution-based results.

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Family Businesses

Family businesses are a key element to the American dream and continue to be a sector we proudly serve. We know that the pace of a family business can be incredibly different from that of a large corporation. We know the leadership requirements, emotional intelligence, empathy, respect and approach to success are unique. Our processes and expertise align to the uniqueness and heartbeat of family owned businesses. We have spent decades serving family businesses regionally, nationally and internationally. We are passionate about next generation success – for both the business and the family– because we are a family business ourselves.

Private Equity

Building and investing in growth-oriented organizations with the right leaders is how businesses win. We have extensive experience partnering with private equity groups (PEG), boards and executive teams to establish succession plans, leadership transitions and elevate the talent required to enhance profitability and market value. We have found that our expertise and experience representing family and privately held businesses, coupled with our understanding of private equity yields a “winning” investment for PE firms.  How do we do it? The key is to align goals, expectations and expected outcomes. Most organizations want to preserve what is working well and tweak what is not. Whether the adjustment pertains to one executive or an entire leadership team, we are ready to help build a healthy, sustainable, and valuable organization–and investment.

International Business

Our firm represents family businesses, privately-held companies, publicly traded companies and private equity firms from all over the world. Working with a partner who values and understands cultural norms, communication differences and global opportunity is critically important in talent strategy and executive search. You need a partner you can trust to gain full understanding of your organization, your leadership and your stakeholders. You need a partner who has global, multi-cultural, experience. We help world-leading organizations meet their goals in North America and abroad.


We have guided corporations of various sizes through finding the right leadership to suit a host of needs, from manufacturing and consumer package goods to supply chain and financial and insurance services.

We understand that industries are different and leadership needs vary from one company to another. We can help your organization find its stride and build the most beneficial leadership and culture for your vision, goals and objectives.


Navigating the world of non-profit organizations is one where aligning passion and purpose requires nuance and sensibility. We understand the complexities of finding visionary, collaborative, and multi-faceted leaders who are a great fit for the non-profit space. We’ve worked with advocacy groups, community development and outreach organizations, professional associations, and organizations that span the arts, education, healthcare, religion, and more.


We can help you or your organization recruit leaders, facilitate company culture, or improve career paths.

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