Recruiting outstanding leaders is one of the critical factors that determine success or failure in business today. Hiring managers, business owners and human resource leaders depend on Centennial’s recruiting and executive services team to:

  • invest the time to understand the organization’s culture
  • understand the organization’s goals and objectives
  • identify the future leader’s opportunities and challenges
  • recruit the most qualified candidates
  • have firsthand knowledge of what will attract the right candidate
  • ensure a winning match between company and candidate

The final result is a productive and fulfilling relationship with more longevity that delivers satisfaction and retention.

Recruiting Thought Leadership

As a proven thought leader, Centennial’s executive search team members have demonstrated their recruiting industry prowess through the development of our exclusive 4C Recruiting Process®, the leveraging of technology for increased search efficiency, and the development of a full talent management focus. By driving creativity in each of these areas, Centennial has been positioned as the central connecting point that attracts both growth-oriented companies and leadership talent.

Superior Satisfaction Delivered

Unlike most recruiting firms, Centennial’s long list of satisfied clients continues to grow through our executive search services. Driven by our client’s success rate, Centennial has proven to deliver qualified candidates that exceed our client’s expectations.

“I have been very impressed with the professionalism and expertise of Centennial, in the way they listen to their client’s needs and have the ability to find the type of talent my organization is seeking. I have rarely come across talent searchers that genuinely want to understand the needs of the clients…” Read more

Partnering for Success

As a relationship-focused company, we invest the time required to understand our clients’ issues and develop strategies to overcome their challenges. Clients choosing Centennial gain much more than simply filling leadership voids.

Our clients benefit from:

  • improved clarification of organizational challenges and opportunities
  • increased understanding of the latest recruiting market dynamics
  • having a partner that shares the urgency of meeting their deadlines and expectations
  • having a guide throughout the entire recruiting and search process that puts the client need first
  • partnering with a firm that views the search process as a full-service solution to their talent acquisition and retention efforts

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