We know that looking for your next career opportunity presents unique challenges to executives and leaders. Centennial offers a wide breadth of resources to help candidates through these challenges as you identify your next career step. These resources will help you proactively manage your career, improve your skills and find a fulfilling role with a growth-oriented business.

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Centennial consistently attracts growth-minded companies in search of established and developing leaders across North America and especially in the Greater Cincinnati region.

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Comprehensive Coaching Services

Across all industries, business coaching has become a critical success tool for leaders in all phases of development. Candidates may require coaching support from basic interviewing skills, resume preparation and contract negotiations to career coaching and industry transition. Having a trusted partner who can provide honest feedback and insightful guidance maximizes your opportunity; saves you time and often can increase your income.

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Network to Find Your Next Leadership Position

Build your connections to an exclusive group of business leaders and be found by recruiting leaders. Connect confidentially with a private network of like-minded executives. Join discussions with peers in business leadership (C-level, VP’s and Directors), share business ideas and learn about new opportunities.

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