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Cincinnati Recruiting

Cincinnati's Executive Search Partner

Cincinnati, Ohio, is where Centennial’s roots have been firmly planted since 1975. While our address may have changed a few times over the years, our commitment to serving the Greater Cincinnati region has never wavered.

As witnesses to the region’s vibrancy and growth, we take pride in contributing to its progress through our executive recruiting expertise.  Whether you’re a family-owned business, a private equity firm, a nonprofit organization, or any organization in need of top talent, we are committed to helping you find the best leadership talent to drive your success forward.

Cincinnati Recruiting

From partnering with nonprofits dedicated to making a difference in underprivileged communities to collaborating with beloved local institutions like Kroger, Loth, Steinhauser, Goering Center, Corporex, and Home City Ice, our dedication to Cincinnati runs deep. These partnerships not only fuel our sense of pride but also inspire us to continue investing in the betterment of our community.

Along with our decades of executive search experience come decades of relationships.  As those relationships expand, so does our reach.  We’ve supported businesses from 14 different countries, but it all started here in Cincinnati, OH.

Partnering with a Cincinnati Executive Search Firm

We believe that the right leaders are the cornerstone of any organization’s future success. If you’re curious about our recruiting process or how we can help your organization thrive, let’s connect and discuss how we can support your journey to excellence. Schedule a call with us today!

Hear from a local client, who partnered with us on over 25 searches as he built out his team.

Our business is all about relationships and those connections are strong in Cincinnati.  As several of our loyal clients have made job transitions, they’ve taken us with them as their preferred executive search partner.  Now those connections span the globe.  While we remain one of the finest Cincinnati recruiters, our expertise has been retained for businesses far beyond the Cincinnati borders.

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