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Mastering Succession Planning in the C-Suite

Strategies for Smooth Transitions

Succession planning in the C-suite is a critical aspect of organizational strategy often overlooked until it's too late. Whether it's due to retirements, unexpected departures or the need for fresh perspectives, managing the transition of executive leadership is vital for the continuity and success of any business. In this blog…

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The Importance of Hiring Committees in Selecting Executive Leaders

The importance of making the right hiring decision when hiring an executive leader cannot be overstated. One bad hire can significantly impact the trajectory of a company, affecting its culture, performance and long-term success. Traditionally, hiring decisions have been entrusted to individual managers or HR professionals. However, in some situations…

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Avoid These 10 Succession Planning Failures

Succession planning is a crucial aspect of organizational management, ensuring the seamless transition of leadership roles and safeguarding the continuity and success of the business. Yet, despite its importance, many companies grapple with numerous pitfalls in executing effective succession plans. From lack of clear criteria and insufficient development of potential…

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Nonprofit Hiring Committee: Strategies for Interviewing

The responsibility for hiring the next executive director or CEO of a nonprofit typically falls on the organization's board of directors. Because the board of directors is responsible for overseeing the overall governance and strategic direction of the nonprofit, this includes the hiring of key leadership positions such as the…

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Interview Questions and Strategies for Hiring Committees

Finding the right person to fill your CEO or Executive Director role is a significant responsibility.  Oftentimes a hiring committee is appointed to this task.  While a hiring committee brings lots of benefits, including reduced bias, holistic assessment and stakeholder buy-in, one difficulty can be the process of pulling together…

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Beyond the Boardroom: The Art of Being a Dedicated and Effective Board Member

Serving on a board looks good on a resume, but you need to know that saying yes to a board seat is saying yes to more than a nice title. It's a big commitment that requires you to be dedicated and involved. Whether it's a nonprofit, a small business, or…

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What’s the Big Deal about Returning to the Office?

We imagine you, along with most people, have an opinion about the necessity of physically working in an office. The unprecedented lockdown that came with COVID-19 showed us that working remotely is possible for many positions, but the question still remains whether it’s the optimal way to do work. A…

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Doing Life and Business in Cincinnati

Centennial, Inc. has called Greater Cincinnati home since its beginnings in 1975. Over the years we have partnered with a variety of nonprofits and for-profits, helping them hire the best leaders for their organization.  Some of those clients include: our region’s Fortune 500s; small businesses bolstering their team to accommodate…

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Succession Planning and the Fears that Come with It

The topic of succession planning may not be one you want to pull out of Pandora's box just yet. I understand. However, the fallout of not addressing this topic early enough can be quite devastating. Since we don't know what the next year - much less the next three years…

Category: Family Business
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