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Who we are

We are an executive search firm that finds the best people for our clients’ leadership roles.

What sets us apart from other search firms? We get to know the heart of your organization before finding someone who will be a fit. Your long-term success requires hiring people who can not only do the job but can also find motivation and satisfaction in the way your organization works.

Once our team gathers information about your organization, we function as a natural extension of your company and brand. As a true partner, we find out what is important to you so that we can find the right person for your unique needs.

Centennial introduces you to candidates who match your character, culture, chemistry AND competencies. It is our 4C Recruiting Process® and it’s what makes us very different from other executive search firms.

Our Specializations





Some search firms specialize in a specific industry or job function; we specialize in understanding our clients and finding great leaders, no matter the industry or job function.

Each client is unique, and we want to complement those unique differences with the right leader. An organization can achieve big goals when they hire people who align with its values and vision.

Whether your organization needs a Chief Marketing Officer, a Head of Procurement, a VP of Finance, or any other key leader, we can help you find the right person. Our breadth of experience equips us to fill all your leadership roles.

Once we get to know your organization’s unique needs, we are a partner, ready to help you build your leadership teams with the best people.

We have worked with Fortune 100 companies, as well as small nonprofit organizations and everything in between. Our largest sector of clients is middle-market companies. Ownership types range from privately-owned, family-owned, private equity-owned and nonprofits. We enjoy each search because we enjoy the challenge of finding the best candidate for our clients.

Since our beginnings in 1975, our reach has expanded across the United States and into 24 countries. Our broad experience has prepared us to understand and meet the hiring needs of our varied clients – whether domestic or international.


Simply put, we find great people to fill your leadership roles. The “how” behind this, is a powerful recruiting process that starts with a comprehensive look at your company – your mission, your goals, your culture, your personality – and ends with the hiring of someone who will thrive in your organization.

We assess the competencies of a candidate and then go beyond that, to consider the character, culture and chemistry fit. When these 4 components (character, culture, chemistry and competencies) of a candidate align with your organization, you can hire with confidence.
This time-tested process is our 4C Recruiting Process®. It has been implemented decade after decade to deliver successful results.

  • Character: Does the candidate have the highest level of integrity to represent you and your organization?
  • Culture: Is there a match in professional/personal style that will enable the candidate to be successful in the work environment of your company?
  • Chemistry: Is there a true interpersonal connection between the candidate and your team members?
  • Competency: Does the candidate have the credentials, skills and experience needed to succeed in your organization?


The corporate culture at Centennial is foundational to our success. We work as a team, delivering excellent work through mutual respect and trust. These are the values we stand by.

Our Values

  • People Matter
  • Serve with Excellence
  • Do the Right Thing
  • Be Growth-Minded
  • Be Humbly Confident

People Matter – our business is ALL about people. We are people, interacting and interviewing hundreds of people, to find the right people to join the people at our client’s organization. In all our interactions we live out the fact that people matter. They are to be respected and valued. That is what we believe and that is what you should feel when you work with us.

Serve with Excellence – our work is of the highest quality. In addition to being experts in our field, serving with excellence includes being empathetic and compassionate as we work with colleagues, clients, candidates, business partners, networking relationships, etc. We deliver great results that can only come with a mindset of excellence.

Do the Right Thing – this encompasses everything from integrity and trust to doing what we can to make things right. Our reputation is built on always doing the right thing.

Be Growth-Minded – we are continually learning and improving. Feedback, both negative and positive, is seen as a resource to get better and better. Our team is willing to consider new ways of doing things when the end result is better outcomes. We are in favor of growth!

Be Humbly Confident – we’re good at what we do but we are only half of the partnership. Our clients are good at what they do. We come humble and eager to learn how we can serve our clients. The best way to bring success to our clients is to humbly listen and then confidently put our expertise to work. It’s then that long-term success can happen.

Winner of Best in Cincy Business Best Executive Placement/Recruiting Agency for 2021