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Talent Strategy Services

After decades of working with organizations of various sizes and industries, and repeatedly being asked for talent strategy advice, Mike Sipple Sr. and Mike Sipple Jr. founded Talent Magnet Institute ® to meet this need.

Maximize your talent strategy by connecting with the team at Talent Magnet Institute.

Career Development for Early to Mid-Career Professionals

Talent Magnet Institute® provides leaders an affordable online training solution at your fingertips; bringing you the training, coaching and community you need through an on-demand e-learning experience. We provide leadership solutions to unlock human potential – helping leaders and their teams succeed in relationships, work, community, and life. Don’t just HOPE you become a great leader, get started for free and become the leader you know you were meant to be.

Free online course

Leadership Coaching for Team leaders

The fastest way to unlock your potential as a leader is by partnering with a coach. At the Talent Magnet Institute®, we go to great lengths to pair our members with coaches who not only understand your unique leadership challenges but who can also help you be the leader you aspire to be.

Our unique approach is about giving you the tools and the skills that will make other great people want to work with you and for you, far into the future.

Leadership Coaching

Resume Writing Services

Our business partner, Top of the Stack Resume, has a number of services to help executives get their resume and online presence updated.  When your next career move is riding on making a great first impression, be sure your first impression is your best impression.

Resume Help

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