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Centennial has represented many of the important and viable nonprofits across the Greater Cincinnati region.  Board members and hiring committees turn to us because of our decades of experience with succession in the nonprofit space.   

Having come alongside dozens of nonprofit organizations seeking their next leader – some of whom have been in their role for 30+ years – we have the expertise that is a welcomed help to hiring committees.  For many hiring committees, filling the shoes of the previous leader is a daunting task.  A qualified outside partner can ease the strain by helping unite the committee, clarify the message and move the process forward.  

Hiring Committee Guidance 

In many cases, the hiring committee understands the critical nature of finding the right person for their nonprofit organization, but they may feel less confident about their ability to manage all the voices, properly recruit from the necessary sources and pull together all the logistics of the hiring process.  That is precisely why we want to be a partner in the search efforts.  Our expertise can guide the process and help you navigate the gargantuan task of finding the best leader possible. 

The Questions We Can Answer 

Before the search for your nonprofit leader can begin, several decisions must be made.  That being said, we also know that when there is an urgency to start the search, slowing down long enough to think through all the many details can feel overwhelming.   

We understand and we want to help! We can answer the questions that you have swirling through your mind.  Do any of these resonate with you? 

  • How do we lead the search? 
  • How should the committee be structured? 
  • Who should be on the hiring committee? 
  • How do we balance priorities and expectations? 
  • What should the committee agree on before starting? 
  • Of all the opinions we’ve been given, how do we determine what is best? 
  • What is the timeline of the search, and how does that impact work? 
  • How do we align the board members who are not currently aligned? 
  • What should we be thinking about related to a communication plan? 
  • How do we honor the long-time Executive Director/CEO throughout the process? 

Client Testimonial, Doug Bolton

Hiring a great nonprofit leader starts with an aligned hiring committee. Nonprofit leader, Doug Bolton, has experienced Centennial’s expertise in this area as both a candidate and a client.


Client Testimonials

“In our recent searches at CPP, we had the job descriptions outlining what we were looking for, but hiring the right person involves more than finding a match for the job description.  The Centennial team understood what we needed at a character and cultural level, to ensure a great fit.”

- Chara Fisher Jackson, Executive Director & CEO at Cincinnati Preschool Promise

“When hiring our new President for the Metropolitan Club, we wanted a trusted partner who could guide us through the hiring process while providing a high level of professional expertise and support. Centennial’s knowledge of the hiring landscape and their network ensured that we would have a strong pool of candidates for this important and highly visible position.”

- Nancy Grayson, Board Chair of the Metropolitan Club

“I appreciated the constant flow of communication, including a weekly meeting, to review where things stood.  I would recommend Centennial without hesitation.”

- Andrew Zahn, Chief Executive Officer at Dan Beard Council, BSA

Nonprofit Leader Search 

We understand the passion and competency that is needed to run a nonprofit organization. We know the common challenges that nonprofits face.  Keeping those qualifiers in mind, we also know how to recruit and introduce you to the best person for your role. 

Our deep expertise in supporting the chair of hiring committees can provide you with the dedicated support you and your nonprofit organization need.  We can guide you through the timeline, the communication strategy, stakeholder engagement, and the ideal candidate criteria while respecting the past and looking ahead to what is needed for the future. 

Let Us Help You

Let us know how we can help your business.

Please let us know what is on your mind.

Our Process

Phase 1: Initiate and Communicate

We meet with your hiring team and discuss your unique needs, identifying the character, culture, chemistry and competencies that are the right fit for your organization. This is based on our time-tested 4C Recruiting Process®.

Phase 2: Source Candidates

We use a variety of sourcing techniques to find the best candidates to interview for your role.

Phase 3: Centennial Interviews

We take a multi-interview approach to evaluate candidate and client 4C alignment. Thoroughly vetted candidates are then introduced to you for your consideration.

Phase 4: Client Interviews

We coordinate the arrangements for you to interview the top candidates. We also schedule pre-and post-interview conversations with you and the candidates to ensure complete alignment.

Phase 5: Decision Making & Offer Process

We help you negotiate a job offer to your chosen candidate.

Phase 6: Start Date & Growth

Your new employee starts and the character, culture, chemistry, and competencies that were identified from the beginning, lead your organization to growth and success.