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Family Business

Running a family business has great rewards but it also comes with challenges that other businesses do not face. We have a sweet spot for working with family businesses because we are one! We understand the nuances that come with working with family, and we love to see family businesses succeed.

Whether you’re looking for a non-family successor or simply need a top executive who will thrive in your family business, the Centennial team has decades of experience you can rest in. We are your partner who knows the questions to ask; which leads us to the best person for your organization.

It all starts with a phone call (888-366-3760) or form submission and ends with the hiring of an outstanding candidate.

Client Testimonial, Mehmet Yuksek

As a CEO, Mehmet Yuksek partnered with Centennial to build out his leadership team. Find out what mattered to him during the executive recruiting process.


Phase 1: Initiate and Communicate

We meet with your hiring team and discuss your unique needs, identifying the character, culture, chemistry and competencies that are the right fit for your organization. This is based on our time-tested 4C Recruiting Process®.

Phase 2: Source Candidates

We use a variety of sourcing techniques to find the best candidates to interview for your role.

Phase 3: Centennial Interviews

We take a multi-interview approach to evaluate candidate and client 4C alignment. Thoroughly vetted candidates are then introduced to you for your consideration.

Phase 4: Client Interviews

We coordinate the arrangements for you to interview the top candidates. We also schedule pre-and post-interview conversations with you and the candidates to ensure complete alignment.

Phase 5: Decision Making & Offer Process

We help you negotiate a job offer to your chosen candidate.

Phase 6: Start Date & Growth

Your new employee starts and the character, culture, chemistry, and competencies that were identified from the beginning, lead your organization to growth and success.

Family Business Resources:

SUCCESSION PLANNING: why it matters, who should be considered for the role of successor, how they should prepare for their role, and how much time should be allowed for a healthy transition between the incumbent and the new leader.

BOARD of DIRECTORS:  what are some important things to know about the benefits, challenges and best practices for developing a board of directors for your family business?

WOMEN in LEADERSHIP: for decades it was generally assumed that a family business would be passed to a male relative.  That is no longer the case as people recognize the unique benefits that women leaders can bring to a family business.