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Category: Motivation & Inspiration

12 Ways to Support Your Favorite Nonprofit

Nonprofit organizations are a critical part of a healthy community.  They provide essential services to people who are underserved by the government and private sector.  However, to continue their significant impact on the community, they need funding to keep their programming going. Fundraising is an ongoing challenge for nonprofit organizations. …

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Moving from For-Profit to Nonprofit – the career switch

One person’s story of switching careers to nonprofit after 22 years working in for-profit

What would it be like to move from a career in the for-profit sector to one in nonprofit? Will it be more challenging than expected?  Will it be as fulfilling as imagined? What should a person expect and how can you prepare for the change? This article will give you…

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8 Emotional Lessons of Succession

This is an excerpt from an article we authored for Family Business Magazine. You can read the full-length article HERE. In 2012, our family business began a healthy succession process – but do not mistake “healthy” for “painless.” We did all the right things — planned, brought in outside advisers.…

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Advice from Mom

The Centennial team took some time to recognize the impact our moms have had on us.  There's no arguing that mothers have a tremendous influence on who we have become. That influence can be seen in the lessons they passed onto us. Some of the advice from our moms was…

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What Should I Read?

The end of December often brings with it a few days to slow down and unplug.  If you are like me, you look forward to some extra time to sink into a good book.  These slower-paced days provide larger chunks of time that can be dedicated to reading without any…

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Be Thankful, Especially When Life is Challenging

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and it may not look like any Thanksgiving you have ever had before.  So many of our traditions have been disrupted due to the pandemic, and Thanksgiving is no exception. In spite of the many details that have not gone as planned, it is…

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Observations from Centennial’s New York Office

My husband Bob and I moved from Cincinnati, OH to New York City in 2016, to be closer to family.  Since then, I have worked remotely for Centennial.  You might be surprised to learn that Centennial has two team members based in New York City.  In addition to me, Larry…

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Re-frame Rejection for Success

I recently returned from the Global Leadership Summit (GLS), which is a Leadercast-style simulcast featuring thought-leaders and their insights.  The day did not disappoint, and if you’ve never attended either Leadercast or the Global Leadership Summit, you should consider at least one for 2020.  Investing in your leadership is never…

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The Right Fit for Our Future and Yours

For over 4 decades Centennial has gone the extra mile to ensure that the executives we place are not only competent, but are the right fit for our clients.  We know that success only comes when the client and candidate enjoy a chemistry that makes working together a winning combination. …

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