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Category: Executive Search & Hiring

Compensation Packages – make one worth receiving

Compensation packages have changed a lot in the last few decades. Salary is just one element of that change.  Thinking in terms of the total compensation package is the first step to updating your approach to this subject.  What is now offered as monetary and non-monetary benefits covers a broad…

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Flexibility Looks Different Than It Did in the ‘80s

Flexible work options are a big deal – a really big deal – in attracting and retaining your employees. What flexibility looks like to your company may be very different from a company in a different industry or different size.  If you think there’s no way to offer flexible options,…

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You Can’t Attract New Talent With Old Hiring Practices

Despite what your coworkers – or kids – think, you can run a successful business wearing clothes that are no longer in style.  You can’t, however, run a successful business with attraction and retention methods that are left over from a previous decade. Hiring and retention trends have changed, and…

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The Person Beyond the Resume

Not all talented people are good resume writers. Not all impactful leaders have had a seamless career journey. Not all effective managers can clearly communicate their value on piece of paper. Simply put, resumes can be misleading.  They can lead you to believe someone is disqualified for a role when…

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Executive Search vs. Volume Recruiting

The world of recruiting can be a great mystery to people outside of the industry.  Many companies rely on recruiters to find people to make their businesses run.  Sometimes that means hiring hundreds of people in a short amount of time – as in the case of an expansion project…

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Best Practices for an In-Person Interview

Since COVID has become a regular part of our world, video interviews have become a lot more common.  However, in-person interviews are still a typical part of the hiring process.  Some things have not changed for in-person interviews, but it’s good to review best practices and address the changes COVID…

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Essential Questions to Answer Before Changing Jobs

There are a lot of people looking for a new job.  As a matter of fact, according to CareerArc's Great Resignation + Rehire survey, 23%  plan to quit their job within the next 12 months.  That is almost 1 out of every 4 people! While we appreciate a talent pool,…

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Centennial Names Marcus Gardner as President

Centennial Executive Search announces the promotion of Marcus Gardner from Chief Growth Officer to President.  Gardner joined Centennial earlier in 2021 at Chief Growth Officer and has repeatedly proven his strategic prowess and strong discernment for business growth and vision.  He joined Centennial with a lengthy history of delivering results…

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Interviewing and Thank You Notes

Thank you notes. Are they an antiquated custom or are they still relevant? Are digital thank you notes just as acceptable as handwritten ones? And how much do you have to say to make the note carry some weight? I think it's fair to say that certain thank you notes…

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