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Category: Executive Search & Hiring

Why is Hiring a C-Suite Leader So Hard?

Have you started a search for a C-suite leader only to find yourself several months in and frustrated with your lack of results?  Are you wondering why it’s so hard to fill your role?  There is good reason…many good reasons. The tough reality is that hiring a C-suite leader is…

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Career Coaching 101 – What to do when you are in transition

As an executive search firm, the team at Centennial connects with many talented individuals who are going through career transition.  Some of these individuals are passively exploring what opportunities are out there, while others are fully engaged in an active job search.  One question we hear regularly is, “What is…

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Finding the Right Fit: Choosing a Successor for Your Family Business

Whether you are the owner of a family business or a key member of leadership, choosing your successor is one of the most important decisions you will ever make for the future of the business. The right person can help your business continue to thrive and grow, while the wrong…

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Setting Ground Rules and Expectations for a Nonprofit Hiring Committee

Let’s set the stage: You have the honored and vital role of being a member of a hiring committee.  Your task is to find someone who will lead your nonprofit to the next level of success.  This is exciting and a bit overwhelming, but you know you have 4 other…

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Should I Take Over My Family’s Business?

8 factors to consider before saying "yes" to being successor

If your family runs a business that you’ve been actively involved in, you may find yourself being considered for the top leadership role as the current leader moves closer to retirement.  As this possibility draws closer, you are undoubtedly asking yourself several questions. “Am I the best person to take…

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Working for a Nonprofit is Not Always What You Think

There can be many misconceptions about what it is like working for a nonprofit organization.  If you dream of changing lives and having a positive impact on the community by working at a nonprofit, you need to know the reality of the challenges that come with it.  Yes, it’s incredibly…

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Hiring a Non-Family Executive into a Family Business

Written by Centennial's Executive Vice President, Becky Scheeler. Your family business is growing and with that growth comes the need to hire someone to fill a key leadership role.  Up to this point, family members have filled the senior leadership roles.  However, no one in the family is qualified or…

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A Hiring Committee and Hundreds of Opinions

Toilynn O’Neal Turner’s experience leading a hiring committee for a nonprofit with lots of stakeholders

Finding the best person to lead your nonprofit organization is a challenge. Add to that the need to work effectively with your fellow hiring team members as well as allow for the many external constituents that want a voice in the hiring decision, and you have yourself a daunting task.…

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12 Ways to Support Your Favorite Nonprofit

Nonprofit organizations are a critical part of a healthy community.  They provide essential services to people who are underserved by the government and private sector.  However, to continue their significant impact on the community, they need funding to keep their programming going. Fundraising is an ongoing challenge for nonprofit organizations. …

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