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The Right Fit for Our Future and Yours

For over 4 decades Centennial has gone the extra mile to ensure that the executives we place are not only competent, but are the right fit for our clients.  We know that success only comes when the client and candidate enjoy a chemistry that makes working together a winning combination.  For a similar reason, Centennial took on the big undertaking of purchasing a building and moving our headquarters in February of this year.  We were looking for a new space that would enable us to serve our clients even better.

Finding Space that Fits Our Culture

Although Centennial found its previous offices,  a high-rise in Kenwood, Ohio, suitable, it wasn’t the ideal fit for our company’s brand.  Anyone who has worked with us knows our company is steeped in trust and long-standing relationships.  We are not transactional, but rather,  relational. Our clients collaborate with us to find their leaders, build their teams, and maximize the performance of those individuals.

At our former location, we found we were frequently searching for additional meeting space–at our clients’ request.  Furthermore, executives were wanting to come to our offices as a “third place” to work.  Our needs–and the needs of our clients–outgrew our Kenwood offices.  For that reason, our organization sought a headquarters that we could call our own:  a place where we could better serve our clients, where we could better collaborate in person, and where our clients and relationships could convene their organizations.

In addition to great meeting space, we looked for a warm and inviting space where our clients could relax, knowing they were doing business with someone who is watching out for their best interests.  We wanted our location to be an extension of our genuine care for our clients – for their professional future and their personal well-being.  We know first hand that executives lead a stressful life.  Our desire is to help build top leadership teams that support and compliment each other so that each member can live a balanced life.

When we first saw the building at 401 Park Ave. in Newport, KY, we knew we found the right fit.  From the inviting front porch and double doors, to the sturdy brick and columns, the first impression connected with us.


401 Park Avenue, Newport KY

Then after walking in, we found a gorgeous entryway with lots of great meeting spaces within a few steps of the front door.

Yes, this was an environment that is more conducive to our work.  This is an environment that would allow us to host events as well as open our space to our clients for their off-site needs such as board meetings, strategic planning and team building exercises.  We quickly recognized that this is the space we needed to reach beyond our walls to be a part of the community.

Now That We’re Moved In

After our move in February, we started welcoming people – old and new relationships – to come enjoy our new space with us.  We’ve confirmed what we thought;  401 Park Avenue in Newport, KY is most definitely the right location.

Come see us!  You are also welcome to book a meeting space for you to use for a client or internal meeting.  Let us know how our space can help you be successful. Want more information? Contact Amber Sipple at ambersipple@impactcowork.com.