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Who Will Take Over the Family Business? – The Succession of a Family Business

When it is time to address succession in a family business, there are many considerations that need careful attention.  Most family business owners will naturally look to the next generation for the successor.  This hand-off is not a decision that should be assumed by either generation.  For the sake of…

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What Every Nonprofit Should Know About Having a Board

A board of directors can make a significant difference in the success of your nonprofit organization. A board comprised of knowledgeable, diverse and well-connected individuals can collectively provide your nonprofit with numerous benefits.  Not only can they offer wise guidance for your organization’s operational and financial decisions, but they can…

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What Is Family Business Succession? (And How Do I Make It Successful?)

When family members are your coworkers, business can get complicated. This is especially true if you plan to pass your business on to family members after you retire. If you're running a family business, making a succession plan for the future is a must. Family business succession is a plan…

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Hiring a Nonprofit Leader with No Nonprofit Experience – disastrous or brilliant?

You have a key position to fill for your nonprofit organization and there are interested candidates with no nonprofit experience, are they automatically disqualified?  This is the question we want to unpack and examine.  The answer should not be a quick one.  As you will see, there are very solid…

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Nonprofit Organizations: Impact and Challenges

Nonprofit organizations play a vital role in addressing societal needs and making the world a better place. These organizations are established to serve the public interest and do not operate for the purpose of making a profit. Nonprofits provide essential services that are not adequately met by the government or…

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Do I Have Strong Interpersonal Skills?

A self-assessment to evaluate your interpersonal skills

“Strong interpersonal skills are a must.” How many times have you seen that in a job description?  You’ll find it in just about any job description that requires regular collaboration with team members, interacting with business partners, managing people, delivering presentations, interacting with the community and so much more. What…

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Centennial Welcomes Mike Dunn as Vice President of Executive Search

Centennial, an executive search firm, welcomes Mike Dunn as the Vice President of Executive Search.  Dunn brings with him decades of experience in strategic operations, people management and marketing. Most recently, Dunn was the Executive Director at the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul, District Council of Cincinnati, where he…

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Women Leading Family Businesses

Family businesses are a crucial part of the global economy, accounting for over 80% of the world’s businesses and employing millions of people. In recent years, there has been growth in the number of women taking over and running family businesses. Women bring a unique set of skills and perspectives…

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Board of Directors and Family Business

Many family businesses are owned, managed, and operated by members of the same family. While this form of business ownership can offer many benefits to the owners, it can also bring unique challenges. This is where a board of directors and/or advisors can come in handy. Let’s explore the benefits…

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