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12 Ways to Support Your Favorite Nonprofit

Nonprofit organizations are a critical part of a healthy community.  They provide essential services to people who are underserved by the government and private sector.  However, to continue their significant impact on the community, they need funding to keep their programming going.

Fundraising is an ongoing challenge for nonprofit organizations.  The larger they are, the more funds they must raise to continue operations.  Although large donors are always appreciated, individuals should not discount the huge impact they can have on raising support.

Supporting Nonprofit Organizations   

Supporting nonprofit organizations is a great way to extend the reach of a cause that matters to you. Whether you have minimal money or an abundance of money; minimal time or an abundance of time, there are numerous ways you can provide support to your favorite nonprofit. Even seemingly tiny actions can yield an enormous impact on nonprofit organizations.

Wondering where to start? Here’s a list of 12 possibilities!

  1. Donate money. This is the most common way to support a nonprofit, and it can make a big difference. You can donate a one-time gift or set up a recurring donation.
  2. Volunteer your time. This is another great way to support a nonprofit, and it can be a lot of fun. There are many ways to volunteer, so you can find something that fits your interests and schedule. If you have a special talent, be sure to mention it to the nonprofit. Your talent could range from spectacular graphic design skills to juggling, from carpentry to accounting.
  3. Spread the word about upcoming fundraiser events. Share the information digitally – through email or social media – or in print, through flyers or posters.
  4. Buy products or services from the nonprofit. This is a great way to support a nonprofit that you care about, and it can also save you money. Many nonprofits sell products or services that are related to their mission. Your holiday shopping could work in tandem with supporting a nonprofit.
  5. Attend events hosted by the nonprofit. This is a great way to learn more about the organization’s work and meet other people who are passionate about the same cause. Many nonprofits host events such as fundraising galas, concerts and educational workshops.
  6. Leave a positive review of the nonprofit online. This can help to attract new donors and volunteers, and it can also boost the organization’s morale. Reviews are powerful and may lead someone else to get involved with the organization.
  7. Advocate for the organization’s cause. This means speaking out in support of the organization’s work and encouraging others to get involved. You can do this by writing letters to your elected officials, speaking at public events or simply talking to your friends and family about the organization.
  8. Start a fundraiser for the organization. This is a great way to raise money for a nonprofit that you care about. You can start a fundraiser online, through social media or at a local event. Other ideas include a golf tournament or yard sale.
  9. Follow your favorite nonprofit on social media and share their posts. This will help the organization reach more people who may want to donate to, or benefit from, its mission.
  10. Write an original social media post, tagging the nonprofit, explaining why you care about the nonprofit or how the organization has made an impact on your life. This testimony will provide additional credibility to the mission as well as give encouragement to the nonprofit, knowing they are making a difference.
  11. Make an introduction for the nonprofit. Partnerships are powerful. Help your favorite nonprofits connect with people whose passions align with the organization’s mission. A personal introduction removes barriers and makes collaboration more efficient and cost-effective.
  12. Leave a legacy gift to the organization in your will. This is a wonderful way to support a nonprofit that you care about even after you’re gone.

If we each contribute in ways that fit who we are and what we have to offer, we can help a nonprofit maintain or extend what they can do.  Don’t let your perceived limitations keep you from making a difference in your community.

The Skills We Provide

At Centennial, we put our recruiting skills to work to find the best people to fill leadership positions for our nonprofit clients. Our thorough screening helps to ensure that leaders have the passion, skills and tenacity needed to lead a nonprofit. It’s rewarding to see the success an organization experiences when they have the right people on board.

No matter what your skills are, there is a way you can step up and make a difference.  Hopefully, these 12 suggestions have given you some ideas.