$180,000 Divide and Conquer to Help You Succeed – Part 3

The term “divide and conquer” is used all of the time, and it is nearly always used incorrectly. Some people believe that to divide and conquer means that leaders should spread their limited resources out widely so a large problem or initiative can be successfully addressed. The problem with this approach is that it usually leads […]

$180,000 Worth of Learning to Help You Succeed – Part 2

Why did we have to invest $180,000 to legitimize that learning? Do you think the answer we figured out in Part 1 sounded simple and obvious? The best way to answer these questions is to think about how your own organization operates: When a vital project or initiative must be done, do you consciously select […]

“$180,000 Worth of Learning to Help YOU Succeed!” Part 1 The Answer

Do you realize the importance of visualizing and consciously planning for success rather than merely planning enough to get started and then hoping that good things happen? In 1994, my company’s senior leadership decided that they needed to learn the root cause of why some of the $13 billion corporation’s initiatives and projects exceeded expectations, […]