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Leadership Search

With nearly 50 years of executive search experience, we have learned a great deal about how to meet our client’s needs. Our biggest strategy is a simple one – ask good questions and listen carefully to the answers. 

A huge part of making a successful hire is having a successful start.  That is why we take the time to understand our client’s needs before we start recruiting for their roles.  

Our goal is to help you solve your business problems by helping you hire the best people.  That can only happen when we understand your organization and your organizational goals. 

Each leadership search begins by learning about… 

  • Your business needs 
  • Your current state of business 
  • Your desired state of business 

Whether it’s leading a succession plan or helping you add talent to your organizational chart –  we can help you reach your desired end. 

Our Specialty 

Our recruiting services cross industries.  Rather than focus on just one industry, we focus on understanding good leadership. Because of the uniqueness of each company, the best person to hire for your organization may be quite different than the right hire for the same position at another organization – even within the same industry.  Because each organization has their own culture, values and chemistry, we see each search as an independently unique search. Our job is to learn your uniqueness and find the right person to join your specific leadership team. 

97% of our business comes from previous clients. That percentage represents our client’s repeat business as well as their referrals to their business relationships.   We understand leadership so well that both our clients and candidates confidently refer us to others. 

In the executive search marketplace, it is all about trust and referrals.  We’re proud of our continued reputation for excellent leadership search throughout the United States.  We would be proud to partner with you on your next leadership search. 

For information dedicated to a specific sector, take a look at these pages:

Centennial is much more than a recruiter.  They fill a unique niche in the professional development market.   They have provided insights and guidance to market trends, offered thoughts on job descriptions and compensation, assisted in professional network introductions, facilitated strategic conversations around organizational structure and long-term strategic planning.

- Brian Schlise, Director of Operations and Parts Sales at The Habegger Corporation

“The people on the team at Centennial are first class with a consultative (not transactional) approach to recruiting and placement. They helped me to find a perfect career fit for me at Doran Manufacturing more than 14 years ago and have helped to add talent to our team and provide infinite wisdom along the way.”

- Jim Samocki, President at Doran Manufacturing, LLC

How Can We Help?

Please let us know what is on your mind.

Our Process

Phase 1: Initiate and Communicate

We meet with your hiring team and discuss your unique needs, identifying the character, culture, chemistry and competencies that are the right fit for your organization. This is based on our time-tested 4C Recruiting Process®.

Phase 2: Source Candidates

We use a variety of sourcing techniques to find the best candidates to interview for your role.

Phase 3: Centennial Interviews

We take a multi-interview approach to evaluate candidate and client 4C alignment. Thoroughly vetted candidates are then introduced to you for your consideration.

Phase 4: Client Interviews

We coordinate the arrangements for you to interview the top candidates. We also schedule pre-and post-interview conversations with you and the candidates to ensure complete alignment.

Phase 5: Decision Making & Offer Process

We help you negotiate a job offer to your chosen candidate.

Phase 6: Start Date & Growth

Your new employee starts and the character, culture, chemistry, and competencies that were identified from the beginning, lead your organization to growth and success.