Turnover of an organization’s leadership or top talent is costly in a variety of ways. From the time and expenditures required to find a replacement, to the loss of momentum and morale, it is critical you hire the ‘Right’ talent.

Identifying the best talent for your organization is absolutely critical! We have invested over four decades in establishing and delivering the absolute best process to ensure long-term retention and engagement.

An exceptional hire that has the opportunity for more longevity requires four key success factors. At Centennial, we call them the “4 C’s” which is the foundation of our exclusive 4C Recruiting Process™. This highly selective approach ensures an exceptional match between employer and candidate that goes well beyond the candidate’s competency. This time efficient and cost effective process screens for these key success factors:

Our 4C Recruiting Process™

  • Competency: Does the candidate have the credentials, skills and experience needed to succeed in your organization?
  • Character: Does the candidate have the highest level of integrity to represent you and your organization?
  • Chemistry: Is there a true interpersonal connection between the candidate and your team members?
  • Culture: Is there a match in professional/personal style that will enable the candidate to be successful in the work environment of your company?

We know that businesses invest significant resources to find, retain and develop the leadership talent as their leaders try to answer these questions…

  • Why does a “competent” candidate choose to leave after a year or two causing the organization to lose the investment that was made in them?
  • Why are our employees not engaged?
  • Why does our team have a lack of trust amongst each other?
  • How do I increase my retention ratio while driving ultimate performance?
  • How do I ensure my employees are becoming the best versions of themselves?
  • How do I ensure my employees are at their highest and best use?

As a proven thought-leader in talent management, Centennial recognizes that when hiring managers and recruiting partners focus only on background, speed, volume of candidates presented and previous success, often the recruiting process will not deliver long-term success.

“From the initial contact throughout the entire process, Centennial was top-notch in identifying our needs and then meeting them. The process and interactions were consistently positive, professional and enjoyable. Consequently, the next search assignment will begin with Mike & Centennial.” Read more

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