Serving charitably is one of Centennial’s core values.  It’s not just something you’ll find in our value statement, it’s something we take seriously.  It’s not just a mantra, it’s a way of business.  Giving back to the community has countless benefits for you both personally and professionally.

Community Involvement Drives Healthy Communities and Likable Leaders


Community Involvement Reaps Great Personal and Professional Benefits

Aligning service, community, and purpose is key to creating a better tomorrow.  Not only is this alignment important for our loved ones but it’s also important for our organizations.  Thriving communities attract and retain the best people.  We want to be an integral part of creating a fertile place to grow healthy families and businesses.

Centennial promotes leadership through servant leadership, serving charitably and continuous improvement.  We seek to balance passion, performance, and profits. Balance is key.  We don’t want all our time consumed with piling up success for ourselves. How we use our time and money greatly shapes who we are.  We want to be humble and generous with the many blessings we have been given.

Community Involvement Is Great for Professional Development

Mike Sipple Jr., President of Centennial, knows the personal satisfaction that comes from serving his community.  However, he also readily extols the professional benefits to community involvement.  Mr. Sipple shares three professional reasons to get involved in the community:

  1. You build relationships with like-minded people
  2. You learn new skills
  3. You become educated about the world and community around you

People like doing business with people who are like-minded.  Common passions and values are the foundation for long-lasting relationships.  When you are serving in an area you are passionate about, you will naturally build relationships with those who are serving alongside of you. We have discovered first hand, that those relationships can lead to great professional gain.

Community service also allows you to develop new skills.  If you’re a CFO by trade, chances are, your job will focus solely on accounting and finance.   However, in the community, when there is a need to fill, a willing spirit is usually all it takes to be given the opportunity to try something new.  This is a great way to explore your untapped potential.

It’s easy to live a safe, social and cultural bubble.  One that doesn’t expose you to the challenges of the less fortunate. We believe a well-rounded person is someone who desires to be educated about the world around them. Gaining knowledge creates empathy and respect for your community. Engaging in your community is a great first step to learning about factors, causes and needs that surround us.

Community Involvement Makes Your New Address a Home

Relocated executives and trailing spouses can find great benefit to volunteering in their new community.  Plugging into local organizations quickly establishes roots in an unfamiliar area.  It is a great way to create a sense of home and belonging.

Centennial has had the privilege of connecting executive candidates in this very way many times. Two basic examples include a CEO and a VP of Sales that were relocated when accepting a job offer with one of our clients.  We had the pleasure of connecting both of them with local charities that aligned with their interested.  This has proved to be an excellent way to meet like-minded individuals in an unfamiliar town and they remain engaged in many ways.


Giving Back to the Community is a Win for All

Centennial and Its Team Members are Involved

We encourage you to give back to your community.  It’s an amazing opportunity to meet great people and increase your sense of community engagement. Seek ways to serve charitably; with your time, talent and treasure.

Listed below are the many ways Centennial and its team members are building a greater tomorrow through community involvement.  Click on any organization name to find out more.

Professional Organizations
Associations, Chambers, Economic Development & Vision
Children, Adults & Family
“Show me a company that is committed to giving back year round and I will show you a company with an engaged workforce. It will be an organization that employees are proud to be a part of – and that is a difference maker.”
Mike Sipple Jr.
Where do you spend your volunteer time?  Where do you share your time, talent, and treasure?  We’d love to know!