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A Podcast by Centennial and the Talent Magnet Institute Hosted by Mike Sipple Jr.

In less than one week, we launch a podcast that has been in the works for a while now. This initiative will bring transparent and relevant conversations as well as exciting insights about the world of talent and leadership directly to you. Our goal is to help those leaders we serve succeed in relationships, work, community and life. This will be crafted and designed based on the Becoming a Talent MagnetTM holistic leadership, talent and culture approach.

This podcast will be titled Talent Magnet Institute Podcast, and it’s going to air every week starting May 14th with occasional bonus episodes. The first week our aim is to release a podcast every day. Our list of guests includes incredible leaders such as:

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  • Karen Bankston – Executive Director of the Child Poverty Collaborative
  • Jim Samocki – Vice President and General Manager of Doran Manufacturing
  • Shakila Ahmad – President and Board Chair of the Islamic Center of Greater Cincinnati board. Director of business management at Allergy & Asthma Specialty Center
  • Tim Hanner – Founder of NaviGo College and Career Prep
  • Jennifer McClure – Founder and CEO of Unbridled Talent, Chief Excitement Officer of Disrupt HR and the Host of Impact Makers Podcast

Now, we want to ask for your help in making this happen. We’re virtually convening a group of awesome people, who want to be on the forefront of leadership, to help us promote the podcast in the week of launch and have a desire to be early adopters – our podcast tribe. We would much appreciate you giving us some initial feedback and help promote our first set of interviews.

Does this sound like something you can help with?

If so, visit this link and enter your name or invite a friend you believe would have an interest, and we’ll send you all the details on how you can be a part of it.

Thank you for joining us on this journey.

Here’s to reframing success in leadership!

~Mike Sipple, Jr.

p.s. want a sneak peak?

Click this iTunes link to listen to our introduction episode.

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