Mike Sr“I’ve never been a good short-term player in this business. I’ve always taken the long-term view…and I’ve been around long enough to experience most organizational challenges.”

After over 40 years of leading one of the region’s most sought-after full-lifecycle talent management firms, Mike’s value is easy to recognize through his servant leadership approach. His reputation often precedes him and it’s one of high trust, personal integrity, strong business acumen and a wealth of client experiences. No doubt, these characteristics stem from his own personal passion to help people. “It’s part of my mission in life,” he says..

Mike Sipple, Sr. further clarifies his leadership style by explaining, “Our clients need to feel that we make a difference, and in order to do that, we must establish a real relationship with them. We have to be in regular contact, and we have to clearly understand their challenges. I’m so honored that many of our clients trust us at this level.”

Mike is the essence of an authentic leader. He cares about the growth and development of his employees, the success of his clients’ business and the philosophy of building into others. His values are solid, his priorities are clear, and his experience is rich.