Do you want to do something about adding diversity to your organization but don’t know where to start?  Here are some resources to help you think about the steps you need to take.
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3 Factors for adding diversity to your team

  1. It must start at the top. Your leadership needs to fully support and actively participate in making diversity a priority.  If your leadership is not committed to this, the transformation will not happen.
  2. You need measurable goals.  Change does not happen in fuzzy land.  Set your diversity goals and measure against them.
  3. Hiring is only the first step.  Hiring people that look and think differently is only step one.  You need to create a culture that welcomes their unique voice and makes them feel like the vital part of the team that they are.

What Business Leaders Need to Know About Diversity in Leadership – Cincinnati Business Courier

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Strategic Partnership

Centennial partnered with the Urban League of Greater Southwestern Ohio to increase diversity in the leadership pipeline.  It all started with a challenging conversation that became a tremendous opportunity: Urban League and Centennial Executive Pathways Program.

The Announcement

The Story Behind the Announcement

Fox19 Interview

Coffee Break with Kathrine, Enquirer – Cincinnati and KY

NKY Chamber Spotlight podcast

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These podcasts from our business partner, Talent Magnet Institute, provide incredibly helpful and thought-provoking conversations about Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

Privilege In and Out of The Workplace with Priya Klocek and Eugene Partridge, helps you consider what challenges and stereotypes you may be unaware of surrounding DEI.









Securing a Seat at the Table – Minda Harts, author of the best-selling book The Memo: What Women of Color Need To Know To Secure a Seat at the Table, discusses her mission to help women of color self-advocate and acquire the tools they need for their career journey.

A Call to Action – Mike Sipple Jr., president of Centennial, exhorts leaders to step forward, have tough conversations, ask uncomfortable questions, and be a resource for change.

Exclusive Versus Inclusive Capitalism – Ed Rigaud, the President and CEO of EnovaPremier, talks about the concept of inclusive capitalism and how we realize freedom in a way that’s possible for everyone.

Creating Opportunities for Leaders of Color – Eddie Koen, president and CEO of the Urban League of Southwestern Ohio talks openly and honestly about inclusion and equity.

Workplace Equity; Let’s Continue Conversing About Race – Podcast guest, Torin Ellis,a strategic practitioner focused on diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB). In this episode, he shares actionable ideas for pursuing DEIB.