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Power of Talent Acquisition to Drive Innovation with Jodi Brandstetter

In this Talent Magnet Institute Podcast episode, Mike talks to Jodi Brandstetter, Chief Talent Strategist at Lean Effective Talent Strategies and founder of Talent Acquisition Evolution, an event designed to bring Talent Acquisition professionals together to network, learn, and elevate the future of talent acquisition.  In this podcast Mike and Jodi discuss: 

  • Why Jodi believes that awesome recruiters really can save the world
  • The “secret sauce” in recruiting (4:11)
  • How a recruiter can make or break your internal brand (5:00)
  • Why candidate experience matters to business success in the short term and the long term (15:30)
  • 3 ways to increase your talent pool significantly that probably never crossed your mind (20:02)

Listen to the episode:

Mike got a preview of Jodi’s masterfully planned event, Talent Acquisition Evolution, which takes place on September 4th, 2019 in Cincinnati, Ohio.  It is sold out, but you can get highlights by joining the Talent Acquisition Evolution Facebook group where she will be posting key takeaways from this year’s amazing line up (9:15). 

The theme is Innovation.  “You will be able to take information and put it into action immediately,” said Jodi.  

Jodi and Mike also share these keys to success: 

  • 3 soft skills that amazing recruiters possess (do you have them?) (24:08)
  • How to beat technology and make it work FOR you, not replace you (27:15)
  • The most powerful 5 minute message that led to Jodi’s “aha” moment about how talent acquisition can be a positive force in the world (30:15)
  • How to know when you NEED to call an expert Talent Acquisition firm to help you (34:30)

If you love talent acquisition as much as these two, please leave a comment on the podcast here.  These reviews really help us continue the conversations that are most important to YOU.  



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