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Gearing Up For Good with Joe Motz

In this week’s episode Mike Sipple Jr. interviews Joe Motz, CEO/Chairman of The Motz Corporation, about an exciting initiative. Joe is embarking on a 6500 mile bike ride over 90 days which is focused on a cause bigger than himself. He calls this initiative Gearing Up For Good. Mike and Joe discuss what inspired the initiative, the importance of holistic care in brain disease treatment, and developing together at work.

What Inspired Gearing Up For Good
Having read Half Time by Bob Buford, a book that teaches how to grow from seeking success in business to seek significance in life, Joe asked himself two questions:

  1. What can I do that puts me in a better place?
  2. What can I do more with the capacity I have? Several persons in his company are caretakers of loved ones with Parkinson’s disease. Joe has seen the impact of the disease through their eyes. Since he enjoys physical challenges, he created Gearing Up For Good as a supporting effort to raise awareness about the disease.

Holistic Care is Vital
Gearing Up For Good is not focused on finding a cure for Parkinson’s Disease; instead, the emphasis is on helping people who live with the disease to have a better life. Joe discusses the importance of focused exercise. He mentions that doctors in Integrated Care also emphasize that people need mindfulness around relaxation to deal with the anxiety and stress of the disease. In addition, your diet really matters, particularly when dealing with a brain disease like Parkinson’s and Multiple Sclerosis.

A Leader Who Cares About His People
Mike commends Joe for being a leader who cares about his people. Joe’s only connection to the disease is through the eyes of his team members who have loved ones with Parkinson’s, yet he cared enough to create this great initiative. Joe mentions that we spend so much time with the people we work with, we need to care about them. Joe is a good example of a caring leader.

Growing Together at Work
We come to work as whole people with feelings. Therefore, it is important that we grow and develop together. As his company grows, Joe says that they are focused on a company culture where everyone’s growth is considered. It is important that everybody has one another’s back as they grow. His company’s objective is to establish a more collaborative purpose that they all organically feed into and want to be part of.

Join the Effort
Gearing Up For Good is part of a 3-year endeavor to bring meaningful change for people dealing with Parkinson’s. However, Joe does not only want to focus on the sad and difficult side. People love adventure and this bike ride across America brings fun and intrigue, while at the same time creating a lot of good. Mike encourages listeners to join up with Joe and the riders who are departing with him from Cincinnati. You can also follow him via his website and on social media. There is an interactive map on his website that shows the journey across the USA.  If you join Joe along the way, take a selfie and tag #GearingUpForGood and #TalentMagnet. Joe is seeking to raise $650,000 for Parkinson’s and awareness for other neurological diseases such as MS, Alzheimers and Frontotemporal Dementia. Joe is a CEO who is living boldly and who is willing to step up for relationships, work, community, and life. He is reframing success in leadership.


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