Centennial is a family business that loves working with family businesses.

Family businesses of all sizes hit talent obstacles and it is our honor to help them find solutions that lead to a healthier, more successful organization.  We understand the unique and delicate dynamics that come with a family business and we’re up to the challenge. Our experience can help you bring in or develop the talent you need to meet your business goals, while providing an outside, neutral, perspective.

What is your most urgent need?

  1. I need to hire a leader.
  2. I need to develop my current family members.
  3. I need to plan for succession.

We have many resources to speak to our experience and understanding of family business.  Take a look and then give us a call. 888-366-3760

Our articles about family business

Business Suits and Family Business

Family Business Lessons from the Skywalker Family

Podcasts* with guests who entered a family business

Family member joining the family business:

Remarkable Leadership in Family Business with Jonathan Theders

The Man Behind The “Mike” with Christine Lewis and Mike Sipple Jr.

The Pain At The Top Is Real: Eliminating Stigma About Mental Health With Trevor Steinhauser

Non-family member joining a family business:

HR on Purpose: Putting the Human Back in Human Resources with Steve Browne

Making Leadership Scalable with Daniel Wachter


*These podcasts are produced by our business partner, Talent Magnet Institute.  Most of the guests are close relationships of both the Centennial and Talent Magnet teams.