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Kristin Siegel

Kristin Siegel, a creative and highly responsible self-starter, brings her skills to Centennial as an Executive Search Specialist.  Kristin uses her powerful organization skills to help the Centennial team reach top-quality candidates and coordinate multiple projects.

Before joining Centennial, Kristin spent the prior 13 years dedicating her skills to her husband and 3 kids, while also taking on many fundraising efforts at her kids’ schools.  Her efforts have garnered the school $50,000 and a whole lot of appreciation from administrators and parents.

Whether it’s volunteer work, finding outstanding candidates for our job searches, or managing projects, Kristin’s overarching motivator is people – meeting them, learning about them, and helping them.  Her people-focus is just one of the many reasons Kristin is a perfect fit for our team.

Phone: 513-366-3760

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