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3 Must-Haves for Extraordinary Corporate Culture

I want to build further on my colleague Julie Warden’s post on corporate culture from last week.  As Julie shared, extraordinary corporate culture can revolutionize your company.  We all want to ‘wow’ our customers by exceeding their expectations. The company with the best customer service is usually the industry leader.  What if we maintained the same philosophy inside the organization?  What if we ‘wowed’ our employees and exceeded their expectations?

When employees experience extraordinary corporate culture they talk about it. They are eager to share the joy of working for their employer.  It’s worth talking about because it is so rare, so extraordinary.

Culture Is BrandTestimonial of an Executive: Extraordinary Corporate Culture

I recently met a fellow executive for dinner. During our course of conversation he shared his amazement over the genuine care he feels at his current employer. He had never felt so valued and was truly shocked by their continual interest in him.

This man is valued and he knows it. He is excited to work where he works. What made him feel this way? The amazing corporate culture. A culture that was, and continues to be, purposely developed.

3 Must-Haves in an Extraordinary Corporate Culture

What makes a corporation’s culture so inviting that employees will praise it to others?
Here are 3 factors that make a corporate culture extraordinary:
  • It’s pervasive

  • It’s genuine

  • It’s unusual

Pervasive – it’s not just one department or one level in the hierarchy. My friend commented that he felt this trusted relationship with not only his boss, but other colleagues as well.

Genuine – you can’t fake sincere care and interest. You know when a fellow team member is looking out for your best interest and when they’re manipulating you. When you care about each other on a personal level there is a team spirit that unites and strengthens the organization.

Unusual – a healthy culture is not common. Unfortunately, because it is so rare, you may be shocked to experience it. It takes time and effort to cultivate a healthy culture. Negative mindsets need to be weeded out and positive mindsets need to be cultivated.

Employees Give Their Best to an Organization They Can Trust

A corporate culture built on a solid foundation of integrity, trust, honesty and transparency make a work environment that is worth praising. It’s an environment that you want to preserve and continue to foster. Employees respond to this environment with their loyalty and hard work. It’s certainly not a place they want to leave.

Creating extraordinary culture is what we’re after. My dinner companion in the story above works for one of Centennial’s clients. It’s reaffirming to hear unsolicited praise for a culture we’ve worked to take to the next level. An extraordinary culture has truly resulted in extraordinary success.