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5 Reasons to Hire an Executive Search Firm – Why Retained?

Whether or not to hire a retained executive search firm is a decision companies ought to consider carefully. Although it may seem like an odd idea if you already have an internal corporate recruiter, it becomes a highly effective strategy. As a retained executive search firm, Centennial strategically partners with companies to ensure a long-term fit for the organization and candidate.

The management team of a hiring organization should have a realistic understanding of how much time your recruiting internal team is allotted to proactively network, attract talent, and recruit. How many meetings and additional responsibilities do they have woven into their role? Most likely, they are not solely focused on being out in the marketplace building relationships.

5 Reasons to Hire an Executive Search Firm

  1. We are able to partner with your key decision makers, leadership team and any internal team members to make your internal recruitment team more successful – that is our goal.  Your internal recruitment team remains an internal part of the process. They bring to the table what strategies have been attempted and how effective each one has been.
  2. We are able to be a business partner in this recruitment process- a confidante, a sounding board, even your personal advisor as you might desire; and, it is our job to ensure we help you identify, attract and onboard your critical addition.  We want to help you create a win-win from the outset, to manage the expectations from both sides and to establish a healthy beginning once the placement has been made.
  3. We are dedicated to sharing important feedback from potential candidates as well as hiring managers.  This helps refine the process and requirements, so we can accurately identify the best talent for the position.
  4. We are able to have a distinct advantage when it comes to confidentiality.  You may not be able to engage in conversations with competitors or in particular industry organizations.  We can discreetly hone our sights and networking efforts to be sure we hit the bulls-eye in terms of the best talent the market has to offer, versus simply who is applying.
  5. We are able to assume the position of a middle-man, being a bridge between the company and the candidate.  We have a clear understanding of both party’s needs and we can be trusted to help close any gap, facilitating a win-win situation.  This is key, because candidates may not always fully trust internal recruiters, knowing they are “negotiating” on their company’s behalf.  We remove that obstacle and help both to come away fulfilled.