Company Culture in Your Strategic Plan?

Do you Include Company Culture in Your Strategic Plan?

A strategic plan is crucial to an organization’s success; giving vision and direction.  A necessary but often overlooked factor in a successful strategic plan is motivated, passionate employees.  Company culture plays a vital role in the growth of an organization.

It is easy to see how – –

  • Happy employees lead to satisfied clients
  • Challenged employees lead to fresh ideas
  • Energized employees lead to enthusiastic service
  • Appreciated employees lead to unwavering dedication

Your people, your talent and your culture ought to be part of your strategic plan.  It is not ALL about GROWTH, CHANGE or CUSTOMERS – the way you achieve GROWTH, CHANGE and satisfied CUSTOMERS is by having great people that thrive in your culture.  A healthy company culture will be evident in the growth and impact of your organization.  Addressing the culture in your strategic plan is critical for a successful future.

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