Attracting Highly Qualified Candidates through a Job Requisition

What Should be Included in a Job Requisition to Attract Highly Qualified Candidates?

In order to attract highly qualified candidates, it is important for you to know your company extremely well and know what your company needs so that you write a exceptional job requisition.  Make sure it is not “too loose” or you will be looking through more resumes than necessary.  You also do not want to be “too specific” and rule out potential highly qualified candidates too quickly.

attracting leaders3 Ingredients that Must be Included in an Attractive Job Requisition

The key is the language you use:

  1. You must include the “Must Haves” – this tells the candidates that they should not apply unless they have this.
  2. You must include the “Highly Desired” – this tells the candidates that you strongly desire something for this position, but if you do not have this particular skill, we may still take a look at you if other things are in alignment.
  3. You must include the “Preferred” – this tells candidates that this is what is preferred above the “highly desired”, but it is less than the “must have.”

Other Details that a Job Requisition Should Include:

  • Salary Range and Compensation – make sure that it is at the right level to attract highly qualified candidates and that you provide the overall structure and components.
  • Company Culture – what are the things that define your culture?
  • Travel – make sure you disclose the need and frequency for travel.
  • Relocation – include whether or not the company is willing to provide relocation assistance.

 Should a Job Description Double as the Job Requisition?

A job description does not necessarily need to double as the job requisition – although, a lot of companies have this approach.

A job requisition is what you use to attract highly qualified candidates.  It should be the salient, specific requirements for this position.  It lays out the facts, it is what is needed to be considered for and to be successful in this position.  You would not want to list something on the requisition that is a small part of the overall responsibilities or that could unnecessarily disqualify or discourage a qualified candidate.

A job description, on the other hand, may include tasks and responsibilities that may not be as critical.  It may detail the job’s day-to-day activities.  Some of these tasks, may easily be the things people can learn, and it would have been unnecessary to include these in the requisition or posting.


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