Choose Your Own “Boxing Day”

...and show your gratitude by giving back

I hope you are enjoying this wonderful holiday season! To many of Centennial’s international clients, we also send along good wishes for a happy “Boxing Day.” December 26 is a day acknowledged in the United Kingdom and Commonwealth nations as Boxing Day. While it has evolved into a pseudo “Black Friday” in many nations, Boxing Day has origins as a day of “giving back” or sharing gratuities to servants as a thanks for good work throughout the year.

At Centennial, we are keenly aware of how blessed we are. As we wrap up one of our most successful years, we have deep gratitude for our clients and those who trust us. We decided as a team that the best way for us to demonstrate our thankfulness is to give back to an organization and volunteer as a team.

Boxing DaySo, last Monday was a sort of “Boxing Day” for us. We volunteered together at Master Provisions in Florence, KY. The work of Master Provisions falls into three buckets: Providing food to 150 organizations in our region; clothing donations that are shipped internationally; and orphan care in the Ukraine and Togo. Our assignment was to sort clothes to ship overseas. The garments were gathered in giant bins and included donations from churches, schools, and other organizations.

First, we inspected each garment for stains and tears. If it was stained or ripped, it ended up in the clothing recycle bin. (I didn’t know clothing could be recycled, did you?) Second, we ensured that it didn’t include an inappropriate message or was immodest. We sorted it to head to either Honduras or Kosovo. Finally, we bagged the items for shipping. Our many hands made fun, light work, and our efforts will benefit 400 individuals.Boxing Day

Dr. Martin Luther King once stated, “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is: What are you doing for others?” And, focusing on others as a team has many benefits. Working alongside your co-workers in a different setting results in conversations that help you get to know another side of your teammates, improving organizational chemistry. It’s also a great time to brainstorm. Boxing DayWe kicked around several topics and talked candidly about them. Plus, giving back to others feels good. That makes employees feel good about the organization (which is important for retention!)

Has your organization volunteered together as a team? If so, where? If it’s a goal for 2017, we are ready with suggestions if you need them.

Enjoy these last days of 2016. We look forward to connecting with you in the New Year!

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