Finish the Year Strong!

Read the leadership and talent insights below to start changing your trajectory.

We want to help you finish the year strong. Our goal is to provide you with the leadership and talent insights that will help you “win.” We sit down with executives who too often share that, “talent and the right leadership is the greatest challenge– and it’s holding us back from reaching our full potential.”

Read the leadership and talent insights below to start changing your trajectory.

4 Talent Questions to Ask During Strategic Planning

It’s that time of year—the new year budgets are being set and strategic plans are being reviewed and revised. As you and your team go through this crucial process, ask these four questions regarding your organization’s talent strategy:

Finish the Year Strong1. What is your strategy to find great people that your competitors can’t and don’t find?
2. What does the marketplace think of when they think of your employment brand?
3. Are the people you find the best people you can find, or the first people you could find, or the easiest people for you to find?
4. Did last year’s strategies attract many eagles or too many turkeys?

Corporate Culture: Why It’s Crucial

Research has shown that the most talented in the workforce are placing a greater and greater priority on company culture. Top talent is swayed by more than a hefty salary and flashy incentives.

In a recent poll by Hunt Scanlon Media, 73% of the respondents cited culture as the most important workplace consideration at their organization. Seventy three percent! That number should make leadership sit up and take notice.

3 Must-Haves for Extraordinary Culture

What makes a corporation’s culture so inviting that employees will praise it to others?
Here are 3 factors that make a corporate culture extraordinary:

  1. It’s pervasive
  2. It’s genuine
  3. It’s unusual

Yes, Company Culture Needs To Be In Your Strategic Plan…

A strategic plan is crucial to an organization’s success– giving vision and direction. A necessary, but often overlooked factor in a successful strategic plan is motivated, passionate employees. Company culture plays a vital role in the growth of an organization.

Here’s to your continued success…Finish strong!

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