$180,000 Worth of Learning to Help You Succeed – Part 2

Why did we have to invest $180,000 to legitimize that learning? Do you think the answer we figured out in Part 1 sounded simple and obvious?

The best way to answer these questions is to think about how your own organization operates:

When a vital project or initiative must be done, do you consciously select the BEST team leader and team?

  1. Do you remove or reassign all, or a significant part of team members’ current workload so they have sufficient time to successfully execute the new initiative?
  2. Do you ensure that they are continuously allowed to focus on the vital initiative without having their attention diluted?
  3. Or, do you normally pile the new project’s expectations and workload onto your best, most capable people and then hope for the best?

Did a light bulb just illuminate in your mind?


You now have the potential to earn improved performance results.  Implementing the learning we just discussed builds a foundation upon which a successful, winning culture can be built.

  • What are keys to success that you have learned?
  • What have you found to be the most beneficial approach to bringing out the best in your leaders and your organization?

Part 3 of this article we will discuss the power of ‘divide and conquer’ – the truth and power of doing it correctly!

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