Lessons from Leadercast 2018: Lead Yourself

You have heard us talk about it for months—Leadercast. Leadercast Live is the world’s largest leadership simulcast, broadcast worldwide every year. Thousands of leaders gather together all around the world for viewing events. This year’s Leadercast took place May 4, 2018. Centennial, along with a team of organizers, was proud to host more than 340 leaders in Northern Kentucky to hear amazing speakers share their insights on leading themselves. All spoke from the perspective of the fact that you must lead yourself well if you want to lead others well. A compilation of my personal notes is below. If you attended, I would love to hear your insights as well.

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Now, learn more on leading yourself! Here are my notes!

Andy Stanley
1. You have participated in every bad decision you have made. You are the mastermind of your greatest regret.
2. Great leaders last because they lead themselves first.
3. You must be truthful with yourself even when the truth makes you feel bad about you. You are a sucker for you. You can sell yourself on almost any bad idea. You cannot lead yourself well if you lie to yourself.
4. Ask yourself “Why am I doing ‘this’?” Then ask, “Why am I doing this—REALLY?”
5. Exceptional leaders lead themselves to what they value the most—not what they want now.
6. Don’t opt for the immediate over the ultimate.
7. Most people do not discover what they value the most until it is gone and out of reach.
8. Write down what you wish people would say about you at your funeral. Then, turn this into your personal mission statement.
9. Your friends determine the direction and quality of your life. Make sure you surround yourself with those who share similar value systems with you. You may need to disconnect with a friend or two.

Andy Stanley has incredible books on vision, leadership, values and relationships. 

Jim Loehr
1. The probability of your existence is zero. Think, “Why am I here?”
2. Life is consciousness and energy. Be sure to do the right things with your energy.
3. Your happiness is tied to what you bring to others.
4. The only way to win at life is to be a person of character.
5. Your energy was designed to be given away to others. Giving your energy away is the way to true happiness.

Pick up a copy of Power of Full Engagement written by Jim Loehr. 

Carey Lohrenz
1. Negative attitude kills your ability to adapt.
2. If you lose sight, you lose the fight.
3. When you are enveloped in uncertainty, keep taking action.
4. Those who tell you you can’t are the ones who are afraid that you will.
5. Aviate, navigate, and communicate: Fly, go where you should go, and tell people what you are doing.
6. Dare to show up different!

Carey Lohrenz wrote a great book titled Fearless Leadership. 

Kat Cole
1. You have permission to change—to evolve and grow.
2. Set your own definition of success.
3. Always do a “monthly check in” with your spouse/partner. Ask, “What can I do differently? Apply “stop, start, continue” with your spouse/partner.
4. Apply the “hot shot rule” to your life: Who would be an upgrade of you? Think about the answer to that question, and then act like you think that person would act.
5. Furthermore, ask and apply to all aspects of your life, “If not me, who? If not now, when?”

Kat Cole was a co-author for the book Small Changes Big Impact. 

Michael Hyatt
1. We always have more tasks than time.
2. Thinking you need to hustle more is a fallacy. Instead you need to care for yourself more.
3. There is a ceiling to productive work.
4. You must rest to be at your best. Your “self” is central.
5. Self-care gives you energy.
6. Self-care give you an edge. It is not indulgent. You are simply sharpening the blade. It fuels creativity.
7. Sleep is so important! Sleep deprived people stick to old strategies.
8. Need a breakthrough? Take a break!
9. Self-care boosts confidence—and is linked to higher earnings.
10. Self-neglect causes crisis that cripples careers.
11. Self-care gives you endurance – enabling you to trade momentary success with sustained success.
12. Check out Michael Hyatt’s self-care starter kit, available on his website.

Pick up a few of Michael Hyatt’s best selling books. You’ll be glad you did.

Mae Jemison
1. Don’t doubt. Dare.
2. Truth is a letter from courage.
3. What helped her overcome fear? She asked herself “What’s more important: Being afraid or being an astronaut?”
4. Ask yourself, “What do I want to do with my place at the table?”
5. Sometimes working towards something when other people doubt you can be extremely hard. You need to be prepared and know your main responsibility.
6. Value, corral, and protect your energy – it’s hard to tell people no, but you need to reserve your energy for accomplishing your main responsibility. We can tell ourselves “I can do one more thing”. But you can’t give more and have nothing left for your main responsibilities.

Dr. Mae Jemison has written many children’s books.

Ian Cron
1. Self-awareness (SA) can be developed.
2. SA is understanding your personality, who you are and the effect your personality has on others.
3. SA also includes regulating your thoughts and actions in real time, and recognizing your impact on others.
There are 9 different types of personalities:
1. Perfectionist – motivated by the need to perfect themselves and those around them. There 2 ways you to do things: your way and the wrong way.
2. Helpers – driven by a need to be needed. They help others and sometimes think they know your needs better than you do.
3. Performer – values people for what they do rather than for who they are. They want to avoid failure at all cost.
4. Individualist –likes to project an image, usually a strange image.
5. Investigators – intense. They gather data to protect themselves.
6. Loyalist – feels the need to feel secure. They’re loyal, practical and funny.
7. Enthusiastic – joy-bombs, planning adventures. They want to avoid painful and difficult feelings.
8. Challenger – notoriously blunt. They can start an argument in an empty house.
9. Peacemaker – quick to love, slow to judge. Avoids conflict.
What personality are you? Take a quick test to find out.

Ian Cron also wrote a great book The Road Back to You: An Enneagram Journey to Self-Discovery

Jen Bricker
1. Our seemingly insignificant choices (to smile, to be kind, to even get out of bed) create big moments.
2. Every single person is meant to inspire and motivate.
3. We all have gifts, talents, and abilities. The impact you make on others is your platform.
4. Be real. That’s when change happens. Someone will identify with you. People will bond over similar struggles.
5. No one can act for you or love for you. Live like you mean it.

Jen Bricker has an amazing story. Check out her best selling book titled; Everything Is Possible: Finding the Faith and Courage to Follow Your Dreams

Did you attend Leadercast 2018? If so, share with us your favorite speaker, topic quote or impactful moment.

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