Should Your Company Have a Board?

Do you believe your company should have a board?boards

“If I had a popcorn stand on Courthouse Square, I would have a board.” Clay Mathile, former CEO and owner of The Iams Company

I happen to deeply agree with this statement.  We find a significant difference in those organizations we represent that do and do not have a board guiding and challenging their decisions.

We also have a passion for linking up leaders to companies who are able to provide leadership, vision, strategy and expertise with companies in need.

Businesses are turning to Centennial more and more asking for guidance on adding new and different talent to their boards.  This is very encouraging to us as in many cases what got you here sometimes will not get you there.

Having great leaders on your board will add tremendous value to your business.  I am a believer!!

What has been your experiences between working at and with companies with boards and those without?

If you serve on a board(s) what has been your greatest learning?

What has been your best experiences and greatest challenges?

Let us know if we can help provide guidance to you if you are seeking to participate in for profit or non profit board activities.  Or, if you have an interest in establishing a board, Centennial can certainly provide guidance to your process.

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