Wisdom For High-Achievers: A Conversation with the Lion King Himself, Alton Fitzgerald White

If you have ever seen The Lion King either on screen or on stage, you know Mufasa as the father with much wisdom to impart to his son.  In this podcast episode, Alton Fitzgerald White, who played the role of Mufasa on Broadway 4,308 times shares his personal brand of wisdom for success.  In his book “My Pride: Mastering Life’s Daily Performance,” Alton shares his philosophy on how to how to avoid burnout by tapping into your inner resources to bring renewed joy every day. 

He and Mike talk about: 

  • The empowering moment Alton realized he had a gift, and the beginning of his leadership journey to use it to power good (3:59)
  • The power in knowing what you don’t know and how to ask for help (6:38) “It’s okay to not know.  That’s the first step in becoming a master of anything.” 
  • The “recipe for disaster” many leaders unknowingly create for themselves (12:26)

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Alton also shares his personal philosophy about self-care for high-performing people (12:26), including: 

  • His foundational practice that “levels his head” (13:20)
  • His suggestions for finding balance as a leader (13:40)
  • The one thing he realized about life that helped him step up to his big role (16:00)

He says “Life is cumulative…if you allow the flow of life (experience) to happen, then you can use everything you’ve ever been through in the present moment.” (19:25) In other words, you are not the same person you were yesterday, last week, or last year; build on that cumulative wisdom.

Mike also shares profound lessons he has learned while up-leveling himself to become President of Centennial and Founder of Talent Magnet Institute, including how he disconnects in order to stay focused. (23:50)  

The conversation shifts to interesting insight Alton has about diversity and inclusion in the theatre as well as how that spills into life inside and outside the traditional workplace. (30:13) They discuss: 

  • How business suffers from opting out of diversity and inclusion (34:03)
  • What every leader NEEDS to hear about keeping the status quo  (34:40)
  • Staying courageous.  He says “Be afraid but do it anyway.” (38:29)

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Check out his book and other information at https://altonfitzgeraldwhite.com

Alton’s Tedx Talk Broadway Series  https://youtu.be/ARofPxt-GlE

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