Team Chemistry Among New York’s Bravest

Last year leadership team members at Centennial were able to see, first-hand, how team chemistry is built among New York’s Bravest – @FDNY. Our team attended a leadership conference in New York City and on the last day of our trip we traveled across the city to experience the 9/11 Memorial. It was the same morning all 310 new recruits of the The Fire Department of the City of New York visited the September 11th Memorial and Museum.

Visiting the memorial is a tradition and rite of passage for being inducted into the FDNY ranks. I further read that at their graduation Commissioner Daniel A. Nigro stated;

“There, etched in the memorial, surrounding the reflecting pools where the towers once stood, you saw the names of 343 of the greatest people to ever wear an FDNY uniform” said Commissioner Nigro. “At that sacred site, their names live on, forever.”

It is a first-hand account of what is means to fully live out the mission and values of the FDNY.

One young recruit stated, “We are hear to honor our fallen heroes. This is the final part of our on-boarding experience before our graduation in two weeks.”

Aligning purpose is critical to team chemistry.

Our team was able to experience how the The Fire Department of the City of New York aligns hundreds of new recruits to why they do what they do.

Simon Sinek states, “Those who lead inspire us. Whether they are individuals or organizations, we follow those who lead not because we have to but because we want to. Those who start with why have the ability to inspire those around them.”

It is humbling and an honor to experience first-hand how the leaders of FDNY demonstrate to new recruits why they do what they do. 

Thank you for the continued service and dedication of all service men and women in New York City and across our great nation.

We will never forget those who gave all.



What have you found most helpful to build and align teams you have led or been a part of?


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