Unification at the Beginning of the Hiring Process

hiring processHow Important is Unification at the Beginning of the Hiring Process?

Clear and concise objectives are extremely critical at the beginning of a company’s hiring process.  From day one, the decision makers need to have a unified understanding of the goals and objectives when it comes to who the company needs and what the job description will be.  There also has to be a clear vision so you can convey this vision to the chosen candidate.  It’s critically important that you don’t just look at the trees but also the forest!

Here are some key questions that need to be addressed when you begin your hiring process:

  • What type of talent are we seeking?
  • What are our current weaknesses?
  • What are our current strengths?
  • How can we best complement our current make-up?
  • What do our current and potential customers need from our organization?
  • Who is the right leader to help us through the current and future market demands, challenges and growth?
  • What is the career path for a new hire in this position?

When your leadership team is on the same page prior to starting a job search, prior to the interview process and overall hiring – you will be able to turn your organization into a high performing company that will continually build and create a pipeline of leaders for years to come.

What other questions should you be asking prior to engaging in the search process? We are just getting you started with some of the most critical!

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