When Does The Recruiting Process Start?

“When does our organization’s executive search & recruiting process start?”

It’s an active process that is developing every moment of every day, as your employment brand perpetually communicates the value you are placing on:

  • The values your organization lives out – not simply what is written in the lobby
  • The true ‘culture fit’ of your company
  • The chemistry dynamics of individuals and teams within your organization
  • The probability of success
  • The scope of developing, engaging and retaining the ‘best’ talent to hit your goals and objectives
  • The impact an employee will experience if they accept an opportunity with your organization
  • The short and long-term challenges a hired candidate will have if they accept the position
  • Growth and succession planning
  • Professional and personal time
  • The truth – what it is  really like to work at your company
  • Authenticity – never before has authentic leadership and authentic culture been more important to leaders
  • Passion – every “A” player wants to join a passionate team that has a consistent and constant desire to succeed!

If you believe the recruiting process starts when you or your HR department ‘finally’ get around to posting a position externally, it is time to have a crucial conversation with your leadership team, people managers and key stakeholders to discuss how you can best position your employment brand and proactively attract the right candidates to your organization.

What question should we ask to start this meeting?

Watch this video and ask your leadership team to be critical of your recruiting and hiring processes. If you want to recruit the best talent you must have a culture that attracts the best!

To Recruit Top Talent You Must Have A Culture That Attracts Leaders

~Your Executive Search & Recruiting Advisor

Mike Sipple Jr, President – Executive Recruiter / Talent Acquisition Expert / Business Advisor

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