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Relationship is Everything with Darrin Murriner

Darrin Murriner is an author, entrepreneur, and the co-founder and CEO of Cloverleaf.me, a comprehensive personal and team development tool. His book, Corporate Bravery, is about eliminating fear-based decision making and transforming corporate cultures into brave places for people to do their best work and to be engaged. Today, Darrin and Mike talk about the opportunity we all have to unlock the potential in those around us.

  • Darrin did all the ‘right’ things as a kid and young adult: he had good grades, went to college, found an employer and expected to stay with them for 30 years, then retire on a beach. But about 4 years into his professional career, he felt empty. He read the book Good to Great, and that changed his perspective on what he thought his future would be. So, he and his wife decided to build something of their own and Darrin was bitten by the entrepreneur bug.
  • What Darrin learned prompted him to write his own book, Corporate Bravery. Having been on the inside of corporations, he saw what he calls ‘fear-based management.’ It’s a different approach to management. Rather than worrying about what could go wrong, Darrin teaches how to look at what opportunities are out there. He talks about how this can be done in day to day management.
  • At Cloverleaf.me, Darrin’s team is very in line with the Talent Magnet Institute way of thinking when it comes to creating cultures that value and bring out the best in others. Mike and Darrin talk about positivity, abundance, and the other key ingredients to build winning teams. He also shares what the last year has been like growing Cloverleaf.me.
  • Cloverleaf helps build great teams using existing employee data and assessments to provide insight into increased team productivity. For example, Darrin explains the 5 components of teaming—personality, culture, strengths, skills and competencies—and the role you play. In essence, it brings resources directly to you to maximize performance and engagement amongst your teams.
  • Have you ever gone into a meeting with someone and the two of you walked away with completely different ideas about the same thing? It’s something Mike and his dad did at times, and Darrin seeks to use Cloverleaf’s platform to help bridge that gap. He knows to do that, the results need to be integrated into various productivity tools and reviewed in real time. He explains what that looks like.
  • Darrin’s love of entrepreneurship isn’t just apparent in his professional life. He grew up in a poorer family, and now that he has more financial freedom, he works to spark the love of entrepreneurship in his children. It can be as simple as selling drinks as a parade, but he wants them to see the direct result of their work.
  • The culture you create in your family is affected by the culture you experience every day at work. You might not mean to bring home your troubles if you are unhappy at work, but you do. Darrin and Mike talk about how to build a culture at work and at home (including the neighbors) that lifts everyone up. One great example is how Darrin’s business is involved with charity for children and families – for him, it all comes full circle.
  • Darrin shares some wonderful feedback he’s received about Cloverleaf.me, specifically about communication and knowledge-sharing. Over the course of two months, Darrin worked with this team on collaboration, and it changed the silo culture into one where learning, sharing, and teaching were the pillars of the team.

Do you want to make sure you’re getting the most out of your current AND your prospective talent? You should take the opportunity to build your leadership team now so you can stay ahead of the game!

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Darrin’s Corporate Bravery Book

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