Susan Sipple has a wonderful gift of serving both our external and internal clients. She is wonderful with people and also great at details.

Susan serves as the Vice President and Secretary of the organization. Continuing to be a light to everyone around her, her stable support is the backbone of our business. Coupled with her contagious smile, her energy and her cheerful personality make Susan one-of-a-kind in our eyes and all those who interact with Centennial.

Susan has a quote on her desk that motivates her to deliver results, “Excellence: Going far beyond the call of duty, doing more than others expect…. this is what excellence is all about. And it comes from striving, maintaining the highest standards, looking after the smallest detail, and going the extra mile. Excellence means doing your very best in everything. In every way!”

Susan has been the heart, soul, and backbone of Centennial as she has served alongside her husband, Mike Sr., as owners of Centennial for 40+ years.  A statement that you hear often around Centennial is that we have a love for people, and this is a great testimony to how Susan views the world.  Mike and Susan have instilled in this organization a culture of trust, care, and excellence, and 45 years later our customers still benefit from these key characteristics.

Susan in a long-time volunteer with the Salvation Army and has a personal passion for interior decorating and floral design.