14 Revealing Interview Questions

Revealing Interview Questions


We are always seeking great interview questions. Leaders are always looking for the perfect set of interview questions to reveal all they need to know about a candidate. My advice is to have great interview questions that go beyond competencies. Focus on your 4C fit including; character, culture and chemistry questions. It is a great exercise to ask peers, mentors, advisers, and experts in the selection, attraction and recruiting field what questions they recommend or find most valuable during search processes.

I personally found this list by Jeff Haden an enjoyable one too as I am always learning of new ways to assist us in our processes. Jeff asked many passionate founders, CEO’s and Presidents what they found to be their most engaging and revealing interview questions.

Here are 5 of the Top 14 Revealing Interview Questions as seen in Inc.Com

1.  If we’re sitting here a year from now celebrating what a great year it has been for you in this role, what did we achieve together?

“For me, the most important thing about interviews is that the interviewee interviews us.  I need to know they have done their homework, truly understand our company and the role…and really want it.”

“The candidate should have enough strategic vision to not only talk about how good the year has been but to answer with an eye towards that bigger picture understanding of the company – and why they want to be here.”

Randy Garutti, Shake Shack CEO

  2.  When have you been most satisfied in your life?

“Except with entry-level candidates, I presume reasonable job skill and intellect.  Plus, I believe smart people with relevant experience adapt quickly and excel in new environments where the culture fits and inspires them.

“I concentrate on character and how well their’s matches that of my organization.”

This question opens the door for a different kind of conversation where I push to see the match between life in my company and what this person needs to be their best and better in my company than he or she could be anywhere else.”

Dick Cross, Cross Partnership founder and CEO

3.  If you got hired, loved everything about this job and are paid the salary you asked for, what kind of offer from another company would you consider?

“I like to find out how much the candidate is driven by money versus working at a place they love.”

Can they be bought?

“You would be surprised by some of the answers.”

Ilya Pozin, Ciplex founder

4.  Who is your role and why?

“The question can reveal how introspective the candidate is about their own personal and professional development, which is a quality I have found to be highly correlated with success and ambition.”

“Plus, it can show what attributes and behaviors the candidate aspires to.”

Clara Shih, Hearsay Social co-founder and CEO

5.  What things do you not like to do?

“We tend to assume people who have held a role enjoy all aspects of that role, but I have found that it is seldom the case.”

“Getting an honest answer to the question requires persistence though.  I usually have to ask it a few times in different ways, but the answers are always worth the effort.  For instance, I interviewed a sales candidate who say she did not enjoy meeting new people.”

“My favorite was the finance candidate who told me he hated dealing with mundane details and checking his work…NEXT!”

Art Papas, Bullhorn founder and CEO

Written by Jeff Haden @jeff_haden

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