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Our sister organization is meeting a need the Centennial team has seen again and again – the need for resources and support for leaders who want to succeed in relationships, work, community, and life. This article announces the much-anticipated membership launch that is available for a limited time.

Talent Magnet Institute (TMI) is proud to announce the launch of a new subscription-based leadership community geared towards reframing success through a holistic leadership approach. The mission of TMI is to develop leaders and organizations into “talent magnets,” or growth-minded leaders who have a desire to be proactive in the way they attract, recruit, onboard, develop and retain employees. The organization takes a holistic approach to help leaders succeed in relationships, work, community, and life.

“Seven years ago, the leadership team at Centennial Talent Strategy & Executive Search identified a significant need for a customizable, comprehensive, and extensive leadership program,” said Mike Sipple Jr., President of Centennial Talent Strategy & Executive Search (Centennial) and Co-Founder, CEO of TMI. “Based on the voices of our Centennial customers, we identified gaps in existing programs where our experts and consultants could provide the greatest value, which lead to the launch of the Talent Magnet Institute.”

As part of the TMI leadership community, members will have access to exclusive service offerings including webinars, 1:1 virtual coaching session, “fireside chats” with global leaders, private executive networking, quarterly intensive leadership sessions with our advisors, access to an exclusive membership-only resource library, and much more.

Mehmet Yuksek

“What makes Centennial and Talent Magnet Institute different from other executive search firms and leadership development programs is their unmatched authenticity, passion and care – I know this well because I was on the receiving end of their services for more than a decade,” said Mehmet Yuksek, consultant and former President, CEO of Perfetti Van Melle North America. He is also a faculty member at Talent Magnet Institute. “Next to content, they excel at personal side of partnerships, and I am excited that they are finally bringing this competency to digital platform. The teams at both Centennial and Talent Magnet Institute are emotionally invested in the wellbeing of every organization and individual they serve, and the results are real and powerful.”

Many executives have limited time to do the many things that are called upon them to accomplish. This includes time to identify areas of opportunity for personal and professional growth for themselves and their teams, and potential operational downfalls within their organization. Many services geared towards support and growth for leaders address the components of what many executives seek – resources, coaching, access to other leaders in the same industry – but very few have everything in one place. TMI’s new offering is completely unique to the industry.

Brent Rippe

“From my experience, I have seen organizations and services that offer some resources that leaders need to effectively manage, run and build their organizations, but nothing as forward-thinking as this,” said Brent Rippe, partner at RKCA. “This offering will provide executives with a uniquely curated experience tailored to their industry and organizational needs all in one place, and it’s really just the beginning of what’s to come from Talent Magnet Institute.”

TMI’s new community offers an extensive curriculum curated by advisors focused on the employee lifecycle, leadership development, diversity and inclusions, and organizational design. Unlike other online leadership-based programs, our program provides members with the opportunity to engage with like-minded executives in a safe environment to learn, ask questions, and gain new perspectives from other success-driven leaders.

Dr. Janet Reid

“Talent optimization is something every business owner and forward-thinking leader wants,” said Janet Reid, Ph.D., CEO and founder of BRBS World and board member of Centennial Talent Strategy and Executive Search. “The Talent Magnet Institute curriculum has been intricately curated to meet the needs of global leaders and includes important topics that range from diversity and inclusion in organizations to striking an efficient work/life balance – it’s perfect for leaders dedicated to improving the overall culture of their organizations by educating and growing from the top down.”

Daniel Wachter

“Talent Magnet Institute provides future-thinking leaders with a way to engage with their team beyond the ordinary to help them become a talent magnet, which is important because these types of leaders impact change from within an organization,” said Daniel Wachter, Chief Technology Officer of Chromatic Technology Inc. (CTI). “People join a company for a job but leave because of their boss. TMI gives leaders a unique space to learn and excel and provides them with the freedom to leverage their intrinsic motivation to flourish. This will ultimately help build leaders that attract talent, and make a lasting impact on the success of the organization.”

There are three, monthly membership options available that range from $97 per month to $497. We also offer a 30-day “tried and applied” guarantee. If the program is not helping you move forward in your life and business, Talent Magnet Institute will provide you with a full refund. To learn more about the Talent Magnet Institute or to join the leadership community, please visit


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