How to Utilize Your Business Advisors

business advisorsHow to Utilize Your Business Advisors

Business advisors come in a multitude of forms: CPA’s, attorneys, financial advisors, bankers, investment bankers, roundtable members, board members, family business council, centers of influence, cultural coaches, executive coaches, leadership coaches and executive recruiters to name a few.

I have been blessed over my career to have great advisors.

Have you recently thought about how your advisors can help take your organization to the next level of growth and change?

Here are a few guiding principles to aid you in this process:

  • Build purposeful relationships
  • Be open to their advice, guidance and feedback
  • Utilize their wisdom, experiences and perspectives

A wise leader is open to advice garnered from a business advisor in his or her area of expertise and life experiences.  I believe leaders and organizations can avoid pitfalls, gain significant knowledge and pursue success by tapping into the wisdom and personal experiences of others.

I encourage you to take time and evaluate your business advisors.  Identify if you are providing value to those around you first and foremost:

  • Are you surrounding yourself with the right people?
  • Are you providing value to those around you?
  • Do you ask great thought provoking questions to help others around you?
  • What have you learned from being in the business advisor position that would be valuable for others?

Zig Ziglar once said

“You will get all you want in life, if you help enough people get what they want.”

I am very grateful to be fulfilled by helping others fulfill their goals and dreams.


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